Kitty Is Feeling Erratic..

Kitty Is Feeling Erratic..


Erratic is one of those stores that I would quite happily own *everything* from.

It sells sensational clothing; mainly of the street wear/urban/club variety and I’m totally in love with their mesh pieces.  The top that I’m wearing in this snap is a perfect indication of the quality that you’ll find on sale. The texture and shading on this ‘Carly’ sweater is superb. Yes, I know it’s just a plain black jumper, but detail matters so much, especially on the plain stuff. The gathering above the cuffs really looks the part, and the style of the fit, which is sloppy and sexy and baring one shoulder, is really neat.   Even better than that, there’s a natty zip detail on the back. Not something you’d constantly be aware of, but a great inclusion and it adds an authentic touch. There are loads of options available, but even better than that, there’s a 50% off sale!!

I swear to high heaven I would have bought tons of stuff (had I the lindens) but I settled for my glorious aforementioned ‘Cory’ Oversize sweater at the bargain price of L$165.  There’s a fat-pack available containing all twenty varieties of sweater, and there are some great colour combinations and patterns available, all of them expertly created. If I had the Lindens I’d invest, but alas, one is being frugal. Boo to frugal. But I digress; it’s well worth a visit to Erratic just to salivate all over this glorious knitwear (Ewww!) but while you’re there be sure to check the store out thoroughly. You’ll find some great truly essential wardrobe pieces, including the delicious’ Amy’ silk blouse. This is a great item, with no buttons and a loose fit that would look fantastic worn with flats and jeans, but can easily  be dressed up with heels and a mini in no time at all. Also worth your time is the ‘Carly’ hoodie and skirt combo.   It costs a measly L$190(during the sale) and features a fabulous sleeveless hooded top and long skirt.  It’s available in a variety of colours and designs, and any one of them would be an excellent choice but the pieces can be worn individually too. I chose the plain black option for my mix and match happy and I’m delighted with my purchase because I think I’ll get TONS of wear out of this particular ensemble. The sale lasts until March 31st and I urge you to pop along and spoil yourself.

Also worth your time this week  is The Boutique, featuring a sensational array of items filled with the joy of Spring! Alas there’s not a Daffodil in sight, but plenty of Sakura blossom themed items from a variety of some of the most acclaimed designers on the grid. You’ll find some new Belleza skins here (useful to know if you haven’t been able to get into Skin Fair 2013 yet!) and you’ll also find dresses, poses, hair and some fantastic eyes from Ikon. I really do feel that Ikon create the best eyes on the grid. They’re always great value too, the range of sizes included in packs is fantastic, and the group gifts are always a delight, just like the ‘Ardent’ eyes that are on offer here.  There are four colours to choose from; Skyfall, Blossom, Bone, Parchment and Growth. Each of them feature a blend of colour radiating from the iris, with the most fantastic light and reflection built in.  I treated myself to ‘Bone’ and ‘Growth’ and couldn’t be happier with them. They’re sensational and really add so much to your look. I also found some great poses from !Bang at the event, as well as a gorgeous mesh dress from Peqe, that comes with a hud for changing the colour of the belt. There’s LOTS to see and enjoy here!


Last but not least I’m still rocking this ‘Runa’ skin from Step inSide. It’s taken a LOT to get me out of my Belleza skins but I’m definitely loving the way this wears. I’m having so much fun adding make-up layers to it from various sources (this fabulous eyeliner is by Mons) as well as use the specific makeups and lipsticks specific to the release. I strongly recommend it; don’t forget to look for it at Skin Fair 2013!

Kitty Tips: How to have a happy and joyous Skin Fair 2013

Kitty Tips: How to have a happy and joyous Skin Fair 2013

 Hey everyone! Well, SKIN FAIR 2013 is here! WOOOTTT!

Already the sims are packed to bursting, so I thought I’d share a few kitty tips on how to enjoy the event and get the best results possible:)

  1. Understand that you can’t possibly do Skin Fair 2013 justice in one mad rushed trip! It’s not possible, there’s too much to see and you don’t want to spoil the experience. The build is very easy to negotiate and has been designed so that it will rez quickly for you. Be patient, Second Life events such as this are always mega busy on the first day, but you will get in eventually. If you find yourself waiting on a sim border, use your time wisely. Peruse blog posts about Skin Fair, change into a different avatar, buy Lindens. Try not to freak out with excitement.
  2. STUDY THE MAPS and plan a route. Who are you most excited about seeing? Which designer is your priority at this event?  The maps are for Sim 1 are HERE and Sim 2 HERE.  Peruse the Flickr group. I also suggest making a shopping list in notepad. Ask yourself what you’re hoping to get out of the event; a new skin just for special occasions or one for every day wear? What are your priorities on a new skin? Are they colour, detail, realism or mad crazy make-up? Set your expectations accordingly.
  3. WEAR AN ALPHA! Or an avie with the lowest ARC (avatar rendering cost) possible. I know it’s Skin Fair,BUT that doesn’t mean I want to see avatars blinged off their tits and accessorised to high heaven. Take the mesh boobs OFF and don’t you even think about playing any gestures!  People other than yourself want to be able to get in and ENJOY the event, so wearing a low-arc avie is the wise, considerate choice. Sometimes these are dispensed in groups; so join the Skin Fair 2013 group and check the past notices to see if one has been issued, or ask. (Besides once you’re wearing one of these it makes changing into new skins even more fun!) Pro-tip; once worn save as an outfit in your Appearance folder. I call mine ‘Events Kitty’, and it’s a quick change into it and then I’m ready!
  4. DEMO EVERYTHING. I cannot stress this one enough! On your first visit, you should pick up demos by the bucket-load. Then return home or visit a sandbox, and start trying on. For the love of all that is holy don’t try on at the event!  Skins are an expensive investment, so take your time and enjoy yourself.  Play your favourite music in the background and have fun while you do it! Trying on a new skin is like Christmas morning for me, I love the experience. test_001  If you’re in a sandbox, rez a simple white structure around yourself and set to full-bright. This will enable you to study the demo and ensure you like what you see. ( I have a simple white surround that I made in two minutes and keep in my inventory for trying-on purposes) Try a number of poses, a number of hairstyles, eyes, clothing and anything else you may wear. Ask yourself do these items work with this skin? Pop on a quick outfit and visit a few locations to see how your skin works in them. Play about with windlight settings and take photographs. Are you happy with the skin? Now try a few variations on the skin-shade, you may surprise yourself and fall in love with something that is very different to your normal choice…
  5. BUY LINDENS BEFORE YOU GO IN! Make sure you have enough moolah in your pocket to enjoy yourself. If necessary, set a budget and STICK TO IT.  Remember to include the cost of additional make-ups, glove layers and even Tango appliers because these all add up.

 And there you have it! It’s NOT rocket science, just apply common sense and if you do you should have a stress-free Skin Fair. Hope you have a fantastic time! 

Skin Fair 2013: More skins than you can shake a virtual stick at!

Skin Fair 2013: More skins than you can shake a virtual stick at!

I’ve not even scratched the surface of what promises to be an exceptional Skin Fair. Over the past few days I’ve posted about a number of skins, but there are still yet more waiting to be experienced and enjoyed.  Even better you have less than 24 hours to wait!

 As I have said, repeatedly, I haven’t been this impressed by skins in a long time.

Even though I’ve reviewed a few quality skins it is impossible for me to select a favourite from the selection.  It’s too vast, and I’m confident that if you’re shopping for new skins you won’t be disappointed.

So here are a few more skins worth your attention when you hit Skin Fair 2013


Whenever I think of Rockberry skins I start singing ‘Rockferry’ by Duffy in my head. Totally bonkers word association nonsense I know, but just as Duffy is a quality songstress, Rockberry skins are sharp and vivid in their countenance.

I tested a darker skin than I would normally wear from the Rockberry ‘Paige’ line, and I was not disappointed. I don’t wear skins that are deep tones, and that’s evidently  to my detriment, because as you can see this skin is absolutely mouth-watering.

The make-up range for Paige is excellent, and detailing more than adequate. The brow is slight rather than heavy but works against the framework of the face and the cleavage option is particularly impressive, thanks to fabulous shading which is in evidence across the whole line.


Izzie Button is a skin maker much beloved by many a Second Life avatar, and it’s hard not to see why when she’s creating confections as tantalising as her ‘Asia’ skin. This is the ginger version, and benefits from freckles and great pigmentation-detailing across the skin layer. It’s just so darn pretty!  There’s a youthful vibe to this skin too; and when hair in a ginger shade is added it just completes the spicy look. Stick me in a union jack dress in this one and I’d be more than happy!


Mons is a label that I know quite well, in that I use their cosmetics a LOT and love them.  Wearing a Mons skin was a new experience for me, and they’re really quirky. I love the glittery highlights on the lip and some of the eye make-ups are sparkly treats.  I was really impressed by the Cat Skin, and I think it’s going to be a very popular choice.  The brow on this one was less shaped than others I’ve tried, but I actually really liked it which surprised me as I usually prefer a neater line. I think I look adorable in it.


Last but not least, is Mirror’s Enigma. This is the Medow skin, in the light skintone, and I think it’s enchanting. It has a soft quality to it from the gentle way that the colour has been applied, it’s a beautiful skin.  The flush in the cheeks carries over the nose and looks really beguiling; although there’s nothing innocent about this skin at all, it is made of win in all the right places. It’s extremely wearable and is my final pick of the skin previews.

 As I write this I’m actually perched upon the steps next to the Essences skin stand, which incidentally has some of the best make-ups that I’ve seen in the fair and I predict they will make massive sales at the event.  Looking around I can see the creators milling hastily about and frantically completing their displays. I feel a great sense of wonder at the moment; skins make such an impact on our appearance and the people that I am surrounded by are genuine artists in every sense of the word. I can see that Apple May has just rezzed in to add the finishing touches to her stand, and Elysium Hynes is hovering above me in the sky.  I can only assume that she’s blogging as she buzzes like a humming bird around the sim.  It’s getting busier now; there are more and more green dots on the map as more people arrive to set-up.

Here’s a line-up of all those who will be participating in this year’s event: 

. : VyC : . Men’s Bodyshop
.::WoW Skins::.
[ a.e.meth ]
**SHINE** Skins&Fashion
*Anymore store
*Les Petits Détails*
*Step inSide*
Adam n Eve
Aeva // Heartsick
Alessandra Skins & Fashion
Apple May Designs (AMD)
Blue Blood
Casa del Shai
Curious Kitties
Dulce Secrets
Elysium Skins & Apparel
English Muffin
Eye Candi
Fallen Gods Inc.
Fresh Fx / House of London
Glam Affair
Inside Lab.
Le Masque
Mirror’s Enigma
ND/MD Skins & Shapes
Nvious By GG
Oceane Body Design
Ooh-la-licious Skins
Pink Fuel
RUBY Skins
Sinful Needs
Skindustrial Bodywerks
Snow Rabbit
The Plastik
The Sugar Garden
Ugly Duck
Zoul Creations

Congratulations to everyone concerned, and I wish everyone involved in Skin Fair 2013, whether creator or customer, a very happy and prosperous event indeed. 

*Update: I think I’ve figured out what Elysium was up to! Check out her awesome pinterest board featuring details of some of the 80 Skin Fair participants..nice one Elysium!

**All hair in this post by Elikatira. All eyes from Ikon. Shirts from dollle and Enelya’s Creations**

Skin Fair 2013 – Kitty is entranced by Isabella from Adam and Eve

Skin Fair 2013 – Kitty is entranced by Isabella from Adam and Eve


Less than 48 hours to go..are you excited yet? Well, you flipping well should be! Especially when there are exquisite skins like Isabella ready for the taking!

Isabella is the latest arrival from Adam and Eve. This skin has a HUGE wow factor. I know when I put her on I was just blown away by how beautiful this skin is, and also by how thoughtful Sachi Vixen had been in providing essential elements to the consumer,  like a glove addition for wearing prim nails, and even a dimple layer. The fact that you can add to your base skin with items like these, as well as Tango appliers, adds a whole new dimension to the skin wearing experience.  In fact, the dimple layer is a really unique and joyous addition; it makes the skin feel somewhat Cheryl Cole and because of that I added a posh frock and longer hair than I normally would wear to create this look.

ImageAdam and Eve, or AE, have been a long established skin name on the grid, and when you have attained those levels of success and reputation it would be easy to rest on your laurels, but Sachi  is continuing to push her skillset by creating new skins for our enjoyment.

And enjoyment is the key objective of this skin; it is so totally rewarding to wear. The tone is simply gorgeous as are the make-up options, but it was the face had me at ‘Hello’. It’s just so totally beautiful, delicate even, but strong on features that matter.

I know I’ve wittered on about eyebrows in my last few posts but honestly, they are so important on a skin. I’ve seen so many nice skins utterly ruined by eyebrows that just don’t work that I always zoom in on them first of all when I try a new skin out.

The brows on ‘Isabella’ are just sublime; my favourite so  far. They are perfectly balanced; not too strong yet gifted with enough substance to balance the face without overwhelming it.  You can really see the work that has gone into creating them too; all the delicate strokes and care that Sachi has taken as she built up the look.


The professional touch is just as perfectly displayed on the eyes and the lips. There’s so much win  on display here. Everything shows consideration, it’s clear that Sachi has ruminated on how individual elements will work as part of the whole, yet the finished work doesn’t feel rushed or over-worked.  There’s some great pigmentation detail across the entire body of the skin, as well as some light-veining. All of this shows careful application and a keen eye for detail, and adds a strong element of realism to the skin.

This skin is perfectly balanced in every way and an absolute joy to wear. I was in a sandbox taking pictures when I was approached by another avatar complimenting me on my look and her first comments were “I love your skin!” This of course made me feel brilliant, but even more so I was delighted for the creator, because the fact that someone had looked closely at my avatar and was impressed by what they had seen has to be the best kind of praise.

Isabella is the kind of skin that will draw a lot of compliments when worn, so if you like having your ego stroked and don’t mind dealing with admiring glances be sure to invest.  I absolutely adore it. 

Kitty wears:

(Final note: I’m wearing mesh ears by Mandala and they were an absolute doddle to skin match with this skin..I highly recommend them!)