Skin Fair 2013 – Kitty is entranced by Isabella from Adam and Eve

Skin Fair 2013 – Kitty is entranced by Isabella from Adam and Eve


Less than 48 hours to go..are you excited yet? Well, you flipping well should be! Especially when there are exquisite skins like Isabella ready for the taking!

Isabella is the latest arrival from Adam and Eve. This skin has a HUGE wow factor. I know when I put her on I was just blown away by how beautiful this skin is, and also by how thoughtful Sachi Vixen had been in providing essential elements to the consumer,  like a glove addition for wearing prim nails, and even a dimple layer. The fact that you can add to your base skin with items like these, as well as Tango appliers, adds a whole new dimension to the skin wearing experience.  In fact, the dimple layer is a really unique and joyous addition; it makes the skin feel somewhat Cheryl Cole and because of that I added a posh frock and longer hair than I normally would wear to create this look.

ImageAdam and Eve, or AE, have been a long established skin name on the grid, and when you have attained those levels of success and reputation it would be easy to rest on your laurels, but Sachi  is continuing to push her skillset by creating new skins for our enjoyment.

And enjoyment is the key objective of this skin; it is so totally rewarding to wear. The tone is simply gorgeous as are the make-up options, but it was the face had me at ‘Hello’. It’s just so totally beautiful, delicate even, but strong on features that matter.

I know I’ve wittered on about eyebrows in my last few posts but honestly, they are so important on a skin. I’ve seen so many nice skins utterly ruined by eyebrows that just don’t work that I always zoom in on them first of all when I try a new skin out.

The brows on ‘Isabella’ are just sublime; my favourite so  far. They are perfectly balanced; not too strong yet gifted with enough substance to balance the face without overwhelming it.  You can really see the work that has gone into creating them too; all the delicate strokes and care that Sachi has taken as she built up the look.


The professional touch is just as perfectly displayed on the eyes and the lips. There’s so much win  on display here. Everything shows consideration, it’s clear that Sachi has ruminated on how individual elements will work as part of the whole, yet the finished work doesn’t feel rushed or over-worked.  There’s some great pigmentation detail across the entire body of the skin, as well as some light-veining. All of this shows careful application and a keen eye for detail, and adds a strong element of realism to the skin.

This skin is perfectly balanced in every way and an absolute joy to wear. I was in a sandbox taking pictures when I was approached by another avatar complimenting me on my look and her first comments were “I love your skin!” This of course made me feel brilliant, but even more so I was delighted for the creator, because the fact that someone had looked closely at my avatar and was impressed by what they had seen has to be the best kind of praise.

Isabella is the kind of skin that will draw a lot of compliments when worn, so if you like having your ego stroked and don’t mind dealing with admiring glances be sure to invest.  I absolutely adore it. 

Kitty wears:

(Final note: I’m wearing mesh ears by Mandala and they were an absolute doddle to skin match with this skin..I highly recommend them!)

Skin & Shape Expo 2011 – Adam & Eve’s ‘Lyndsey’ Leaves Me Breathless..

Skin & Shape Expo 2011 – Adam & Eve’s ‘Lyndsey’ Leaves Me Breathless..

I insist, order, demand and generally declare that you must, must, MUST go to Skin Fair and make friends with Lyndsey. She’s a new arrival from Adam & Eve, lovingly created by the rather wonderful Sachi Vixen.

I’m telling you straight up, this is a fapworthy skin and make no mistake. She *will* give you wrist ache.
In fact as I oogled her nekkid, lustworthy form on my PC screen something odd struck me; the definition on the knees is really good. I have no idea why I noticed this, perhaps it’s because my RL knees are buggered, but for some reason I space-navigated (ooh get me!) over to them and had a good look. Then I looked behind the knees, and that was just as detailed; a good sign, as is the attention paid to details like navel,  shoulder blades and elbows. Again I’m going to sound really obscure here but some skin makers make a real bodge when it comes to elbows. Seriously, have a look at your skin and see what you think. I’ve tried some skins on and been pretty disappointed when areas like elbows are either too wrinkled, or non-existant. The detail here is spot on. Same goes for feet and hands, lesser skin makers have a real problem because of the limitations of Second Life when it comes to making effective feet especially, but the really talented skin crafters can accomplish it. Sachi is most definitely in their league.  Even better, some skin makers make cracking mani/pedi combos to embellish the skins with and guess what? Adam & Eve does just that with Lyndsey, as well as provide brow and pubic hair colour options too.
But it’s the make-ups that really make Lyndsey for me…they’re lush.

The lips are beautifully defined, totally nommilicious and best of all, hint at a divine lip-smacking wetness. The eyeshadows are lgreat, with really well-blended colour combos (Green T is a particular fave) and the eyebrows are lovingly detailed; beautifully drawn and plucked to perfection.

Suffice to say I’m in love with Lyndsey, and when I wore her with the new hair from LeLutka she really came alive. But don’t take my word for it, TP over to the Adam & Eve booth @ Skin Expo 2011 and see for yourself!