Kitty’s Winter Warmers – Winter Trend 2015

Kitty’s Winter Warmers – Winter Trend 2015

Winter warmer_003

I found this gorgeous padded jacket at WINTER TREND 2015. It’s from MERLIFIC and the reason it caught my eye was the fantastic digitised skull and heart print that covers it. It’s nothing too fancy but incredibly effective. The padded collar looks well on this too, and I found a medium fit incredibly well on my Maitreya body without too much faffing around.  It’s cheap and cheerful and wears well with an old favourite BLUEBERRY skirt. I’ve also added some EN VOGUE hair that’s an exclusive to the event.  This style comes complete with beret and is a lovely simple bob shape that looks great in the ombre shades. EN VOGUE have been a real eye opener this year for me; they’ve produced consistently great hairstykles throughout the year and were a real highlight at HAIR FAIR 2015. I’m keen to see what 2016 offers from this brand!Last but not least I’m sporting some fantastic patterened tights by IZZIES from THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE.  They come in all the colours you could possibly need for winter and are incredibly easy to choose and apply via HUD.Incidentally, this a raw shot from SL, so you can see how good these items look without the need for editing.  It’s good to share how items genuinely look in-world, it’s all too easy to edit out a pesky glitch and I plan to feature more of these kind of shots in 2016 so you can see how good items really look.  Of course, having a great PC helps, but so do windlights, choice of pose and the quality of the items you wear.  Good skin and eyes are ALWAYS a starter for ten in my opinion. Add elements like hairbases which add authenticity to your look along with lashes, brows and accessories and you’re onto a vitual winner.

I do think Kitty needs to wear a shirt under this coat though, she’ll catch her death! Here’s your list for shopping happy!


BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

SKIN: Glam Affair – Katra – Polar – August NB

EYES: IKON Triumph Eyes – Dusk (ML)

EYEBROWS: Nar Mattaru ‘Power Brows’ (Pitch Black + brow highlight)

LASHES: Hush ‘Flirt’

LIPS: PXL ‘Sweet Lips’ v1.4


COAT: *Merlific* Sexy Winter Coat Skull [M] WINTER TREND

SKIRT: Blueberry Belted Denim Skirt Grey



(Yummy) Repurposed Charms Necklace – Eclectic

(NO) Cat RIng – 24k Gold RARE

(NO) Cat RIng – Max

The Horror! Penta Septum SUICIDE DOLLZ

The Poser Pavillion (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge(Entry 25 of 30))

The Poser Pavillion (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge(Entry 25 of 30))



I love a good pose, I really do. You’ve probably noticed. We’ve had a few quality pose makers retire from Second Life recently (Adorkable and Glitterati) which may have led some to believe that we were going to struggle on the grid for quality pose content, but that’s clearly not the case at all. Oh no, there are stacks of great creators out there.  Unfortunately there are stacks of not so great ones too. 

Making poses needs a good eye, lots of skill and tons of patience.  It’s not easy to create lifelike stands or suggest movement, which is why when you find a pose maker you adore you hang onto them for dear life. 

The Liaision Collaborative has brought a quality, bijou pose event to the grid and it’s well worth checking out. It’s called ‘The Poser Pavillion’, and it’s a tiny outdoor event adjacent to this round of ‘The Garden’.   It won’t take long to visit, but I guarantee you’ll find some fantastic poses to enjoy and create beautiful summery images with.

I managed to squeeze in a quick visit this morning and was really impressed by what I saw. At the top of this post you can spy me holding a ball looking very energetic. Alas, I’m so un-sporty in real life it’s ridiculous. My idea of sport involves seeing how long I can hold a Malteser in my mouth before it melts, but in Second Life I could be a virtual jock if I wanted, so I really dig this Diesel Works ‘Bounce’ set featuring a ball and 8 poses. It’s pricey at L$349, but Diesel Works are a serious, quality brand and if you’re looking for realism and depth in your poses you should always check them out. This set will enable some you to take some fantastic sporty snaps that will really look the part. 


My particular favourites at this event however are the contributions from Picture This! Poses. (I’m now singing the Blondie song in my head, I’m going to be stuck with that all day…)

Picture This! have contributed two simple, yet quality sets aimed at male and female avatars.  One is for wearing maxi dresses in photographs meaning subtle pose changes that allow for the length of fabric, and another called ‘Take A Lean’ which although aimed at male avatars actually works extremely well for females, as you can see from the shot I took.  In fact I jumped at the chance to own this pack and I’m looking forward to using it in my pictures; it’s also extremely cheap at just L$125 for 5 poses. 

There are some great contributions featuring props too, including a fantastic volleyball group pose from Wet Cat, and some fun to be had with chalk from 0O0 Studio. As always, the fantastic Elysium Hynes has pinned the event on her pinterest boards, so please go and check them out, and to visit the event which I highly recommend, click here

Here’s to lots of happy snaps!

Kitty Plays ‘Catch-Up’

Kitty Plays ‘Catch-Up’

As I’m sure regular readers know I work in real life (Shh! I know we don’t like to talk about that!) so my time in-world is often limited.  This means I have to play ‘catch-up’ when I finally come back in, and I have to say that at the moment Second Life is really overwhelming me due to the amount of events that are currently running on the grid. I shouldn’t complain too much though, it’s a good time to be an avatar, especially if you want to be a super-stylish one too!

Problem for me as a blogger is that there are so many events in-world that I know I can’t possibly do justice to them all on these pages. You have to appreciate that these kinds of occasions take weeks of planning and organising so it’s only fair that when they begin they receive the quality coverage they deserve.

Perhaps one of my issues is that when I attend an event I like to take my time and wander around them, and then I  get distracted, go back to stores repeatedly and have another look, and then forget where I saw things that really caught my eye in the first place. I do actually have a notebook that I use to remind me of locations and places where I’ve seen fabulous items, but of course, that only works if you remember to write in it….DOH!

In a situation like this when I feel that there’s just so much going on that i don’t know where to start, I find a good visual aide to be invaluable.  It saves me time if I can see what an event is offering by checking out a dedicated web-site,or checking out the feeds to see what other bloggers are covering.

Fortunately we are blessed with resources like Serpahim which seems to cover the majority of sales and events on the grid. To be honest, I’d be lost without that blog; it’s become my go-to on a daily basis to find out what’s happening and where, and a quick nosy at their snapshots always help me plan my spends ahead.  I’m also  finding myself glued (or should that be pinned?) to Elysium Hyne’s Pinterest selections for event reportage too. Here’s a huge thank you to Elysium and all the team at Seraphim for their hard work!

Anyway, let’s get on to the good stuff. I have managed to treat myself to a few lovely things this week, so I’ll do a quick post about a few things I’ve spotted at a couple of events before I scurry off to check out some more!

First up, The Liaison Collaborative has gifted us with ‘The Boutique’, which features a superb selection of fashion, accessories and poses. The theme is ‘Fresh’, and they aren’t joking, featuring zesty contributions from Baiastice, !Bang, Belleza, Bilo, Cae, CNS Emotion, E! Apparel, Earthstones, Elikatira, Essences, Flowey, Glam Affair, Gos Boutique, Half-Deer, Haste, Hopscotch, Ikon, Inside Lab, Ispachi, Izzie’s, Just Designs, La Petite Morte, Lassitude & Ennui, Lavallie, Leezu, Noodles, NYU, Olive, Rebel Hope, Valentina E. and Vanity Poses. Phew!   I always enjoy these events; they’re not so large as to leave you feeling bewildered, and the selection of designers that contribute are all well-established, quality brands. There’s a real feeling of finesse to this event and I always get the impression that there’s been a lot of care taken by the planners behind the scenes to ensure that they have curated the very best goodies for the event. That’s why you find brands like Belleza showcasing skins, and how I wish they wouldn’t.

</me Kitty shakes fist angrily!>

Because yet again Belleza have adorned their sublime Mya skin with some utterly glorious make-ups and naturally I couldn’t avoid them. As I’ve said before, I love make-ups and it would take some serious coaxing to get me out of my Izzie’s skin and into another, but Ava proved way too hard to resist, with her winged eyeshadow perfection in a variety of colours. It would be just plain rude to not indulge. So I did.

And I look fabulous, see? 


Don’t even get me started on the totally delicious array of IKON eyes at the event either; I had to walk away lest I spent my rent. Suffice to say that IKON are my favourite brand of eyes in world (I am wearing them in the picture above of course, but these are an existing pair from my collection) and seeing new ones made me all teary and misty-eyed. So to avoid further distress I swiftly departed on to my next destination, The 100 Block.  

This is a ‘Depraved Nation‘ event and it features over 100 participating designers and artists. That’s way too many to list in this post, so if you click HERE you can go visit the official blog and review the selection yourself, but suffice to say I found it very satisfying indeed.  I’ve been zooming all round the, erm, block, most of the morning  with gay abandon and totally relishing the fabulous fashion on display.

There are some really special mesh items on sale and it’s nice to see that there are some goodies for the chaps as well as the ladies, and there’s also hair, piercings and tattoos.


I discovered a new brand of hair whilst I was at the event.  In the shot above I’m wearing ‘Toffsy’ (Maroon) by Adoness and I really love it. It’s an unusual combination of bob shape with added oomph and curl, and I think that it makes for a winning combination.

But what’s also rather special is this fantastic frock that I discovered at the event.  I’m all about Leopard print in Second Life, well, I am called Kitty after all, and I was really blown away by this stylish gown that I found hanging on the rack at Ellemeno.

I’ve blogged CarrieAnn Lemon’s label before and it’s a relatively new yet well-produced brand that is especially focused upon the mesh boobs market, but don’t let that dissuade you from investigating their goodies because you don’t have to sport mesh boobs to look sensational in them. I was going to wear my Lola’s for this shot, but in the end I thought I looked fabulous enough without.


Taking a traditional gown shape and bringing it bang up to date with Leopard print is a brave move, yet it works beautifully. Now I wear a LOT of leopard print and there’s one thing I’ve noticed, especially with mesh items. If the textures aren’t carefully applied, and to be frank if a decent Leopard print texture isn’t used in the first place, the result can be a bit..well, rubbish.  But there’s no such worries here with this gown; the print really looks the part and the shape of this dress is nothing short of perfect.

I wish I could wear this in real life, but alas, I’d look like Bella Emberg channelling Bet Lynch.  

But at least in Second Life I can look divine, eh?

So anyway, because I’m still playing catch-up I thought I’d share a small list of events that I really do think you will enjoy checking out, and to make things even more fun for you, I’ve included links (to either Seraphim or Elysium’s posts) so that you can have a peek at the good stuff before checking them out in-world.

Who knows, I may even bump into you at one of these!(You’ll recognise me, a bewildered looking idiot) Be sure to say ‘Hello’ if you do see me!

Happy Shopping! Oh and a thought, if you find something nice why not tell us about it in the comments below? Toodles!

Kitty Is Feeling Erratic..

Kitty Is Feeling Erratic..


Erratic is one of those stores that I would quite happily own *everything* from.

It sells sensational clothing; mainly of the street wear/urban/club variety and I’m totally in love with their mesh pieces.  The top that I’m wearing in this snap is a perfect indication of the quality that you’ll find on sale. The texture and shading on this ‘Carly’ sweater is superb. Yes, I know it’s just a plain black jumper, but detail matters so much, especially on the plain stuff. The gathering above the cuffs really looks the part, and the style of the fit, which is sloppy and sexy and baring one shoulder, is really neat.   Even better than that, there’s a natty zip detail on the back. Not something you’d constantly be aware of, but a great inclusion and it adds an authentic touch. There are loads of options available, but even better than that, there’s a 50% off sale!!

I swear to high heaven I would have bought tons of stuff (had I the lindens) but I settled for my glorious aforementioned ‘Cory’ Oversize sweater at the bargain price of L$165.  There’s a fat-pack available containing all twenty varieties of sweater, and there are some great colour combinations and patterns available, all of them expertly created. If I had the Lindens I’d invest, but alas, one is being frugal. Boo to frugal. But I digress; it’s well worth a visit to Erratic just to salivate all over this glorious knitwear (Ewww!) but while you’re there be sure to check the store out thoroughly. You’ll find some great truly essential wardrobe pieces, including the delicious’ Amy’ silk blouse. This is a great item, with no buttons and a loose fit that would look fantastic worn with flats and jeans, but can easily  be dressed up with heels and a mini in no time at all. Also worth your time is the ‘Carly’ hoodie and skirt combo.   It costs a measly L$190(during the sale) and features a fabulous sleeveless hooded top and long skirt.  It’s available in a variety of colours and designs, and any one of them would be an excellent choice but the pieces can be worn individually too. I chose the plain black option for my mix and match happy and I’m delighted with my purchase because I think I’ll get TONS of wear out of this particular ensemble. The sale lasts until March 31st and I urge you to pop along and spoil yourself.

Also worth your time this week  is The Boutique, featuring a sensational array of items filled with the joy of Spring! Alas there’s not a Daffodil in sight, but plenty of Sakura blossom themed items from a variety of some of the most acclaimed designers on the grid. You’ll find some new Belleza skins here (useful to know if you haven’t been able to get into Skin Fair 2013 yet!) and you’ll also find dresses, poses, hair and some fantastic eyes from Ikon. I really do feel that Ikon create the best eyes on the grid. They’re always great value too, the range of sizes included in packs is fantastic, and the group gifts are always a delight, just like the ‘Ardent’ eyes that are on offer here.  There are four colours to choose from; Skyfall, Blossom, Bone, Parchment and Growth. Each of them feature a blend of colour radiating from the iris, with the most fantastic light and reflection built in.  I treated myself to ‘Bone’ and ‘Growth’ and couldn’t be happier with them. They’re sensational and really add so much to your look. I also found some great poses from !Bang at the event, as well as a gorgeous mesh dress from Peqe, that comes with a hud for changing the colour of the belt. There’s LOTS to see and enjoy here!


Last but not least I’m still rocking this ‘Runa’ skin from Step inSide. It’s taken a LOT to get me out of my Belleza skins but I’m definitely loving the way this wears. I’m having so much fun adding make-up layers to it from various sources (this fabulous eyeliner is by Mons) as well as use the specific makeups and lipsticks specific to the release. I strongly recommend it; don’t forget to look for it at Skin Fair 2013!