Kitty’s Winter Warmers – Winter Trend 2015

Kitty’s Winter Warmers – Winter Trend 2015

Winter warmer_003

I found this gorgeous padded jacket at WINTER TREND 2015. It’s from MERLIFIC and the reason it caught my eye was the fantastic digitised skull and heart print that covers it. It’s nothing too fancy but incredibly effective. The padded collar looks well on this too, and I found a medium fit incredibly well on my Maitreya body without too much faffing around.  It’s cheap and cheerful and wears well with an old favourite BLUEBERRY skirt. I’ve also added some EN VOGUE hair that’s an exclusive to the event.  This style comes complete with beret and is a lovely simple bob shape that looks great in the ombre shades. EN VOGUE have been a real eye opener this year for me; they’ve produced consistently great hairstykles throughout the year and were a real highlight at HAIR FAIR 2015. I’m keen to see what 2016 offers from this brand!Last but not least I’m sporting some fantastic patterened tights by IZZIES from THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE.  They come in all the colours you could possibly need for winter and are incredibly easy to choose and apply via HUD.Incidentally, this a raw shot from SL, so you can see how good these items look without the need for editing.  It’s good to share how items genuinely look in-world, it’s all too easy to edit out a pesky glitch and I plan to feature more of these kind of shots in 2016 so you can see how good items really look.  Of course, having a great PC helps, but so do windlights, choice of pose and the quality of the items you wear.  Good skin and eyes are ALWAYS a starter for ten in my opinion. Add elements like hairbases which add authenticity to your look along with lashes, brows and accessories and you’re onto a vitual winner.

I do think Kitty needs to wear a shirt under this coat though, she’ll catch her death! Here’s your list for shopping happy!


BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

SKIN: Glam Affair – Katra – Polar – August NB

EYES: IKON Triumph Eyes – Dusk (ML)

EYEBROWS: Nar Mattaru ‘Power Brows’ (Pitch Black + brow highlight)

LASHES: Hush ‘Flirt’

LIPS: PXL ‘Sweet Lips’ v1.4


COAT: *Merlific* Sexy Winter Coat Skull [M] WINTER TREND

SKIRT: Blueberry Belted Denim Skirt Grey



(Yummy) Repurposed Charms Necklace – Eclectic

(NO) Cat RIng – 24k Gold RARE

(NO) Cat RIng – Max

The Horror! Penta Septum SUICIDE DOLLZ

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