Kitty Tips: How to have a happy and joyous Skin Fair 2013

Kitty Tips: How to have a happy and joyous Skin Fair 2013

 Hey everyone! Well, SKIN FAIR 2013 is here! WOOOTTT!

Already the sims are packed to bursting, so I thought I’d share a few kitty tips on how to enjoy the event and get the best results possible:)

  1. Understand that you can’t possibly do Skin Fair 2013 justice in one mad rushed trip! It’s not possible, there’s too much to see and you don’t want to spoil the experience. The build is very easy to negotiate and has been designed so that it will rez quickly for you. Be patient, Second Life events such as this are always mega busy on the first day, but you will get in eventually. If you find yourself waiting on a sim border, use your time wisely. Peruse blog posts about Skin Fair, change into a different avatar, buy Lindens. Try not to freak out with excitement.
  2. STUDY THE MAPS and plan a route. Who are you most excited about seeing? Which designer is your priority at this event?  The maps are for Sim 1 are HERE and Sim 2 HERE.  Peruse the Flickr group. I also suggest making a shopping list in notepad. Ask yourself what you’re hoping to get out of the event; a new skin just for special occasions or one for every day wear? What are your priorities on a new skin? Are they colour, detail, realism or mad crazy make-up? Set your expectations accordingly.
  3. WEAR AN ALPHA! Or an avie with the lowest ARC (avatar rendering cost) possible. I know it’s Skin Fair,BUT that doesn’t mean I want to see avatars blinged off their tits and accessorised to high heaven. Take the mesh boobs OFF and don’t you even think about playing any gestures!  People other than yourself want to be able to get in and ENJOY the event, so wearing a low-arc avie is the wise, considerate choice. Sometimes these are dispensed in groups; so join the Skin Fair 2013 group and check the past notices to see if one has been issued, or ask. (Besides once you’re wearing one of these it makes changing into new skins even more fun!) Pro-tip; once worn save as an outfit in your Appearance folder. I call mine ‘Events Kitty’, and it’s a quick change into it and then I’m ready!
  4. DEMO EVERYTHING. I cannot stress this one enough! On your first visit, you should pick up demos by the bucket-load. Then return home or visit a sandbox, and start trying on. For the love of all that is holy don’t try on at the event!  Skins are an expensive investment, so take your time and enjoy yourself.  Play your favourite music in the background and have fun while you do it! Trying on a new skin is like Christmas morning for me, I love the experience. test_001  If you’re in a sandbox, rez a simple white structure around yourself and set to full-bright. This will enable you to study the demo and ensure you like what you see. ( I have a simple white surround that I made in two minutes and keep in my inventory for trying-on purposes) Try a number of poses, a number of hairstyles, eyes, clothing and anything else you may wear. Ask yourself do these items work with this skin? Pop on a quick outfit and visit a few locations to see how your skin works in them. Play about with windlight settings and take photographs. Are you happy with the skin? Now try a few variations on the skin-shade, you may surprise yourself and fall in love with something that is very different to your normal choice…
  5. BUY LINDENS BEFORE YOU GO IN! Make sure you have enough moolah in your pocket to enjoy yourself. If necessary, set a budget and STICK TO IT.  Remember to include the cost of additional make-ups, glove layers and even Tango appliers because these all add up.

 And there you have it! It’s NOT rocket science, just apply common sense and if you do you should have a stress-free Skin Fair. Hope you have a fantastic time! 

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