Skin Fair 2013 – Cupcakes ‘Emmy’ in Caramel is delicious!

Skin Fair 2013 – Cupcakes ‘Emmy’ in Caramel is delicious!


I had great fun when I tested out the Emmy skin from Cupcakes.

This is one of those skins that creates a perfect template for taking photographs and playing with effects. I think one of the reasons for this is because it has an extremely uniform colour; it’s not overly-processed so it makes an excellent base for make-up and editing effects.

I don’t have access to Photoshop, so I use Picmonkey, and found great results wearing this skin and trying out different filters. It would be extremely effective for modelling and fashion work.  I tested out the various make-ups that the skin line carries, and enjoyed them, especially the metallic eye shadow option, but I wanted to see how it would work with eyeliner, one of my favourite things at the moment.

I have to say it worked extremely well, if I’m honest I actually preferred simple eyeliner and prim lashes on the bare skin rather than the full made-up face, which is pretty unusual for me, as I like my Second Life slap!


In fact when I added hair I got a serious Kate Bush vibe off this one (something to be very chuffed with, seeing as she’s one of my heroines!) But anyway, back to the skin. Yes, it isn’t as strongly textured as the others I’ve tested thus far but no, that is not a bad thing.

cupcakes body

Despite the uniformity of colour, body detail is not lacking. There is muted highlighting on relevant areas like chest and buttocks, but it’s a gentle smudge of light rather than a full-bright fiesta. The parts that count are all defined well, and I really love the brow and lip shape on this skin. The lips are especially lovely actually; nicely coloured on the base skin and full of shape.

In my opinion, this skin excels because of its inherent simplicity. Complexity on a skin can be a wonder, yet occasionally it can be a distraction. The lack of complication on Emmy is actually a strength;  and I would especially recommend it to avatars that enjoy wearing tattoo layer make up and are looking for the perfect canvas to experiment with.

Emmy will not disappoint, so be sure to demo her at Skin Fair 2013.

Kitty wears:

  • Skin is Cupcakes ‘Emmy’ in Caramel (Brow*black) bare
  • Hair by Elikatira (Sale is STILL ON! Style is ‘Spark’)
  • Prim lashes by Hush
  • Eyes by Ikon (Current Group Gift)

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