Just Another Manic Monday!

Just Another Manic Monday!

Monday_001So how was your weekend? I wonder if it was spent like mine, and I’m sure many others, trying to get into ‘The Arcade’.  Can you believe I even got up super-early  to try and get in and it made NOT A JOT of difference. It’s frustrating, BUT fortunately there are just as many, if not even more, yard sales as last time, so be sure to ask around your chums for recommendations.

My own personal fave is the yard sale at Pixel Mode; it tries very hard to stay legit, with items priced to sell at exactly the same price as the Gachas at The Arcade. They also recognise that not every designer wants their items to be included in the yard sale culture, and they are respectful of this. Whilst you’re not really getting the full Arcade experience, yard sales are great for getting your gacha on and grabbing items that you’ve been lusting after. Like most avatars I know, I had a list in my head of what I was after, and fortunately I found everything at the yard sales already.

Having said that, I’ve spent a fortune BUT it’s hard not to when the items are so fabulous. Can you spot my Gacha winnings in the picture above? Well, for a start I am totally addicted to the BOOM friendship bracelets and am adding them to my wrists like crazy.  At only L$25 a punt they’re not breaking the bank and they look amazing, just like the bracelets I used to wear as a kid! They’re also mod, which makes fitting them a breeze, and I’ve discovered that they hide the tiny lines that come with wearing mesh hands absolutely perfectly. I still have a few colours left to  get, but these bracelets are totally made of win as far as I’m concerned. My scarf is by MILK MOTION and my glasses from BAIASTICE.  The glasses spoke to me as soon as I saw them; they’re are pure designer style and perfectly evoke ‘Selina Kyle’ spirit. Oh, and of course they look OUTSTANDING when you wear them!

By my bed you’ll spy one of the floral arrangements from ARIA. There are a few of these that I really fancy but funnily enough I haven’t seen many of them at Yard sales; I get the feeling this is because they’re just perfectly created. On my bed you’ll see my corgi from SILENT SPARROW.  I got a couple of these in different colours because they’re just too cute, and well, Corgis are pretty awesome. Last but not least, I’m wearing another outstanding BOOM creation in this shot; the traveller tee that is currently available at the NUMBEROLOGY event. (Yes, there is other stuff besides The Arcade happening in-world right now!) It’s mesh, fits like a dream and features a curious time-traveller inspired print.  (As you can see it looks amazing with my Milk Motion scarf gatcha prize!)

I’m also wearing one of the latest hair releases by EXILE. Exile are really nailing it when it comes to styles and colours at the minute, and as soon as I saw this shaggy bob, called ‘Bad Reputation’,  I knew I had to have it. It’s stacked with volume and style, and the demo comes replete with a multitude of huds for you to select your perfect colour from. Such thoughtful presentation and ease of use makes for a brilliant shopping experience, and naturally I had to indulge. I think I look a right bobby-dazzler!

Best of luck getting into The Arcade, and if you can’t don’t despair; you still have 27 days left ;P


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