New ‘The Drax Files’ features a VERY special guest indeed…

New ‘The Drax Files’ features a VERY special guest indeed… fact this episode features probably the most important person in Second Life, full stop.

CEO Rod Humble aka Rodvik Linden talks about Second Life and comes across as a genuinely nice guy.

Rather than being a CEO who keeps himself at a distance from the end product, Rod confirms that he actually uses various alts in-world that enable him to immerse himself in the experience without revealing his true identity.

Actually being able to engage with Rod via this video makes me happy; I really get the impression that he understands Second Life, and above everything else he also enjoys it too, which is of course absolutely crucial to the experience.

Seeing Rob so enthused by Second Life makes me feel confident  that as our metaverse approaches its 10th birthday we’re in safe hands, and as a resident, that’s just what I want to hear.

If you’d like to read a transcript of the full interview, check out Jo Yardley’s awesome blog.

Great work as always Drax, keep them coming!

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