It’s ALL about the pose (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 4 of 30))


You know, we’re really lucky in Second Life to have such a great variety of pose creators in-world. They share their wonderful poses and props with us so that we can convey a myriad of actions, emotions and activities on our blogs and in our photographs. We’d be lost without them.

I’m always eager to find new poses, and I  was DELIGHTED by Gidge Uriza’s latest pose collection that was released this week.

Gidge is the talent behind the ‘Pretense’ label (love the name, was formally Status Poses) and released a five pose pack called ‘Styptic’, and it’s sublime. It’s all about simple, fluid poses for when you want to look naturally posed in your photographs. The transitions between poses are gentle and they work wonderfully well; I’m really loving them.

You may be surprised to learn that it is actually incredibly difficult to create well-balanced, natural poses, but Gidge has risen to the challenge and met it head on with gusto. These are just fabulous.

 I think ‘Styptic’ going to be my favourite pose set for a while to come, and an essential pack for bloggers to have in their inventory. Well done Gidge, I’m really looking forward to your next Pretense release!

*Styptic five pose set costs L$200, demos are available in store. HIGHLY recommended!*


One thought on “It’s ALL about the pose (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 4 of 30))

  1. Oh, wow! I hadn’t heard of Pretense before. I’ll definitely check it out. Two of my favourite posemakers are leaving the grid, and I’m always on the hunt for great poses – especially the natural ones! Thanks for the tip 🙂


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