Kitty Loves..PXL Sweet Lips


It’s all about the mesh these days isn’t it? (“It’s all about the mesh, ’bout the mesh, no sculpties!”)  Frankly I just  can’t be me until I have my mesh body and my ears attached. Then, of course, there’s my hair, clothes, tattoos and piercings, footwear and blimey, I’m exhausted just thinking about this! In RL,  I’m far less work.  Unless I’m in the office I’m usually sporting a onesie of some description and I care not a jot.  I tried a few of the mesh mouths when they first came out and despite there being appliers galore out there for them, I just didn’t like the way they made me look. I’m really not into trout pouting. I mourn for Meg Ryan’s  previous gorgeous smile and the idea of sticking anything into your lips to make them larger is just madness to me. I do have an awesome Urban Decay Lip Plumper in RL that makes my pout more luscious in times of need, but there’s some strange alchemy going on with that stuff. It makes your mouth tingle in a way that’s burgeoning upon the unpleasant and the effect is incredibly temporary. A good hard snog will suffice just as much if you ask me.

But back to the issue at hand; mesh mushes. Are they worth all the excitement? Until yesterday, I would have given you a big fat “NO”, but guys, I’ve changed my mind courtesy of this new release from PXL, called ‘Sweet Lips’. I’d observed a couple of Plurk buddies wax lyrical about the virtues of these newly released enhancements but when my good friend Gidge Uriza said they were pretty awesome out of the box I knew I had to try them, because for a start I’m very nosey and for another thing I hate being left out, LOL 🙂 Also, they looked absolutely banging on her, so  I zoomed over to the store where there were quite a few other avatars picking up demos. I tentatively picked up mine and retreated to the comfort of a sandbox to play about with my gob. (Which sounds unbelievably dodgy!)

I was entranced. These are incredibly easy to fit, adjust and wear and I was really pleased with how well I could match them to my skin tone without using appliers. Lip piercings are included (but can be removed via HUD) and I’m guessing more appliers will be forthcoming from a lot of the best skin makes in world, especially seeing as GLAM AFFAIR included some with their FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY offering this week, this beautiful ‘Brandi Sweet’ skin in America tone.

Let me draw your attention to this featured picture because guys, I haven’t done anything with it at all; it’s a completely raw shot from SL, using the Strawberry Singh Close-up Windlight setting, and as you can see these sweet lips look pretty darn perfect don’t they? I’m incredibly impressed. Truth be told they could do with a minor tweak on my part because the fit is a little off on the left hand side as you look at the picture, so you can see a little glitch if you zoom in, BUT that’s me, not the product. A little tweak and these bad boys will be ripe for puckering up and chasing boys all over the grid, as is my usual fashion!

Incidentally you can change the colour of your lips via the HUD, but to be honest I’m not going to be messing about with that. I’ll wait for properly textured appliers I think; purely based on personal preference and the fact that I’m very lazy and cannot be bothered with faffing around with colours etc. Besides, I’m very good at breaking things, and although I think these are worth every Linden I paid for them (L$650) I don’t want to have to buy them again!

I actually don’t think that I’ll be taking these ‘Sweet Lips’ off now that I’ve fitted them, and I really am looking forward to lots of lipstick combinations coming out for them too. I know that like GLAM AFFAIR, IZZIE’S has already released appliers so I’ve no doubt that other skin brands will be following thick and fast. Exciting times!

Another point to note is that these lips are advertised as ’01’, which to my mind, and judging by the spaces left in the vendor in store, means that there will be further releases coming to the grid. On the strength of these alone I cannot wait, my only wish is that the next edition steers away from the gormless guppy-like pout, and perhaps give us a bit of a smile. It’s all very well being all fierce and fashionable but sometimes you just want a bit of a grin, you know?

Anyway, if you want to give these divine ‘Sweet Lips’  a try, and I strongly suggest you do, so zoom over to the PXL Main Store and hit the vendor inside on the right.

Have fun and let me know what you think!

(For details of what Kitty’s wearing, please see previous post!) 

It’s ALL about the pose (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 4 of 30))


You know, we’re really lucky in Second Life to have such a great variety of pose creators in-world. They share their wonderful poses and props with us so that we can convey a myriad of actions, emotions and activities on our blogs and in our photographs. We’d be lost without them.

I’m always eager to find new poses, and I  was DELIGHTED by Gidge Uriza’s latest pose collection that was released this week.

Gidge is the talent behind the ‘Pretense’ label (love the name, was formally Status Poses) and released a five pose pack called ‘Styptic’, and it’s sublime. It’s all about simple, fluid poses for when you want to look naturally posed in your photographs. The transitions between poses are gentle and they work wonderfully well; I’m really loving them.

You may be surprised to learn that it is actually incredibly difficult to create well-balanced, natural poses, but Gidge has risen to the challenge and met it head on with gusto. These are just fabulous.

 I think ‘Styptic’ going to be my favourite pose set for a while to come, and an essential pack for bloggers to have in their inventory. Well done Gidge, I’m really looking forward to your next Pretense release!

*Styptic five pose set costs L$200, demos are available in store. HIGHLY recommended!*


Male Mondays!

So I dragged Jez, kicking and squealing like a big girl’s blouse, from WoW and into Second Life so that I could take him shopping. Surely a guy needs a break from bashing Orcs and twatting Goblins? (You’d think he’d be grateful!)

I wanted him to peruse the new ‘Male Mondays’ collection. I expected big things from this, seeing as it’s been created by Gidge Uriza and Gabe Bookmite, both total fashion divas in their own right, so I knew there would be some fab stuff on offer and for an inaugural event it wasn’t so bad.

TP in and you’ll find a selection of stalls featuring content from well known vendors neatly laid out and on the whole the quality is pretty good…it’s easy to navigate which is essential for a bloke when he goes shopping. They get lost so easily!

The vendors include:

Most of the attire fell into the tees and shirts category when we visited..a few vendors hadn’t put their items out as well. Most noticably absent were KMADD, because you always expect something stylish from them. As well as attire there were accessories including hair, jewellery and boots as well as a dandy hat and cane from DECO!  CLUTTER provides a very macho office set; The ‘Scottsdale Office’ is practically the perfect masculine working environment, featuring a desk and an office chair both with ten sits, (5 prims apiece) and desk with wearable pencil (16 prims). Sadly he couldn’t have that because I’m low on prims, but I did treat him to the SUR+ ‘Editors Cut’ pack of high fashion tees featuring leather shoulder patches and an assymetric neckline. Other items to look for include the beautifully textured ‘Henley’ tee from CHINESE TAKEOUT. There is also an astonishing (seriously!) pose prop from STUDIO SIDHE, and DIESEL WORKS provide some great male modelling poses too. I also insisted he purchased the swimming trunks from LAZYBUM…just because I like perving at him. Ahem.

It’s great to have a shopping event aimed at the fellas and I look forward to this growing stronger and becoming as much of a fixture on the grid as Fifty Linden Friday, wouldn’t that be something? Plus, our chaps would look so darn hot. Oh and the best bit? Nothing costs over L$100:) I know!

Now they have no excuse, right? Click HERE to take him shopping!