The IKON Eyes Have It! (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 2 of 30))

The IKON Eyes Have It! (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 2 of 30))

The very best monthly group gifts, in my humble opinion of course, come from IKON. 

Because each  month VIP group members are treated to a new pair of eyeballs from  this exemplary brand. 

The gift is available between the first week of each month, and is ALWAYS spectacular. 

Granted, you know that you’re going to get a pair of eyeballs, but when they’re as awesome as the ones produced by  Ikon Innovia it’s always a pleasure to receive them. 

This month the gift is a pair of eyes from the ‘Destiny’collection, called ‘Maya’. They’re fantastic; a stunning blend of jade and yellow tones with ribbons of gold. (The collection of 36 eyes is available exclusively at The Boutique until June 10th, after which they will be available in-store) 


If I had squillions of Lindens I swear I’d buy every pair in this collection because they are just AMAZING. The colours are all breathtaking and have been perfectly blended to create eyes that glimmer and glisten. The lighting upon the iris is utterly sublime and the size options in every IKON pack mean you can guarantee that your eyes will definitely have‘it’, if ‘it’ is being totally delicious. ( I tend towards the ‘M’ size)

If you aren’t a VIP group member, then poddle along to IKON now and join up and get these awesome eyes while you have the chance.

I promise you’ll be captivated by them. 

2 thoughts on “The IKON Eyes Have It! (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 2 of 30))

    1. YAY! Glowing? LOL-if you did a search on my blog you’d probably see that whenever I talk about your eyes I’m practically radioactive..*blushes*

      Thanks for dropping by, means a lot! AND KEEP MAKING THE MOST AWESOME EYES IN THE WORLD EVER!!


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