I Love Lucie

Pure & Simple..and I do, I really do. It doesn’t matter how many skins I wear (and I must have worn hundreds during all my years in Second Life) nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats the feeling of putting on a new skin and realising it’s the closest thing to perfection you’ve ever encountered. Well, at least that’s until the next slice of perfection comes along, which is pretty frequently in our virtual world these days, but forgive my capricious nature and allow me to indulge myself when I say for that moment nought comes close to that skin that you’re inhabiting.

I refuse to believe that I’m the only one in Second Life who gets giddy when it comes to these things. You cannot stop camming in upon yourself and  you find yourself practically drooling into your keyboard as you twist and turn on your pose-stands.  Ever experienced that? It’s a real rush as you rummage through your inventory to find the perfect styles, the perfect make-ups and the absolute must-have outfits to match the dream skin you’re sporting, and you become ever-so-slightly obsessed with it to the point that you’re disappointed when you look in your real life mirror and don’t see that skin looking back at you..those blurred lines between your reality in the virtual world and the physical one are never more fuzzy than when you find something so perfect.

So, what am I prattling on about? My latest skin obsession, which is LUCIE from AMARA BEAUTY. If there was ever a skin that could shine bright like a diamond then folks, this is it! Amitie_001 I’m wearing here my CATWA ‘Gwen’ head, IKON eyes and MAITREYA ‘Lara’ body, along with my MANDALA ears. Nothing else, no make-up or additional in-world lighting; this is just a raw shot from my skybox. Gorgeous ain’t she? 

 What makes her so special for me, in particular, are a couple of the component features that Shantia Soulstar has used so expertly to create this beautiful face.  I’ve written on these pages many, many times about brows being ‘the coathangers of the face’ and how skins don’t work properly if the brows don’t work. It never ceases to amaze me how many esteemed designers in-world just don’t understand that simple fact! You can apply as much shade and tone to the base skin as you like but if your brows are dodgy then you may as well just throw your dice in the bin, do not pass ‘GO’ and go straight to jail.  Fortunately,  this is something that Shantia Soulstar has proved that she understands very well because the brow featured on ‘Lucie’ is the very definition of ‘on fleek’.  This is a thick, well-defined slim arch that sits beautifully upon the browbone of the mesh underneath.

The next critical feature is the mouth. Both brow and mouth need to balance out; I’m talking in terms of their weight and feel rather than colour. Again, some designers struggle with mouth shapes, and when you throw a mesh-head into the mix that complicates matters. Again, we aren’t let down here; this is a substantial lip that a certain Jenner girl would covet. Worn bare it’s plump and pouting; add lipstick and you’ve found your canvas.

The body is of course just as crucial to matters as the face, and anatomical details have to be present and correct.  To that end you’ll find everything in check here; highlights fall upon natural curves and shading accentuates the parts that matter.  Nipples look right whichever skin tone you choose (I’m wearing 02 Beige throughout) and knees, elbows and ankles ( all those bony bits!) have been worked upon to blend  into the rich base tone.

Shantia never skimps on the extras either: the lip palette that is available for LUCIE features an entire spectrum of juicy shades but of course, you can find appliers galore across Second Life to wear with her. As a base for make-up she’s a real treat; I’ve been revelling in everything that DEESSES produce recently for both my LELUTKA ‘Stella’ and CATWA ‘Gwen’ head, and I’ve found the DEESSES ‘Fierce’ eyeshadow palette and the ‘Luxe’ eyelashes set both work absolutely beautifully with LUCIE.

But back to the topic at hand: this skin is an absolute winner. She’s versatile and I’ve styled her in countless ways over the past few weeks that I’ve been wearing her, and I am so enjoying her.   Even though there have been recent skin releases from brands that I really adore I haven’t flinched, I’ve stayed true to LUCIE because she’s just resplendent.  Of course, I’m a fickle mistress and I will change to another skin soon enough I’m sure, but for now I am quite honestly happy to simply revel in her.

**Find ‘Lucie’ exclusively at WE LOVE ROLEPLAY until the end of April (booth 29)**

Kitty Wears (top picture): 

SKIN: AMARA BEAUTY ‘Lucie’ in 02 Fair (worn with lipstick from matching lip palette)

EYES: IKON ‘Triumph’ Eyes ‘Storm’

EYE MAKE UP: DEESSES ‘Fierce’ Eyeshadow Palette


TOP: ZAARA ‘Ruhi’ Layered Blouse (Ivory) COLLABOR88

NOSE RING: ZAARA ‘Goa Party’ Baga Nosering

POSES: Picture 1: RK POSES ‘Cara’ 5  Picture 2: AMTIE ‘Aire’ 5


Kitty’s Hips Don’t Lie (Much)

hips don't lie

I feel all Shakira and Beyonce-like in this ‘Montmartre Collection’ outfit from APHORISM which is available at SHINY SHABBY. It’s a super-soft  two piece affair available in a variety of colours so that you can mix and match to your hearts content, but both top and bottoms can be worn in a myriad of different ways with other outfits too. I’m wearing mine with some examples from the belts that are designed to compliment the outfit perfectly; this is stunning summer wear that is perfect for cocktails at a beach party as the sun goes down. The fabric would keep you warm as the cool sea breeze starts to chill your sun-drenched skin. How wonderful does that sound? As you can see, the Montmartre Collection  looks absolutely stunning worn with this ‘Queen’ hairstyle from LITTLE BONES and these ‘Odyssey’ eyes from IKON, both of which are FREE GIFTS available in each store now (can you believe it?)

I’m absolutely relishing LITTLE BONES hair at the moment and the free gifts that are available when you join the group are second to none, there’s a whole shelf-full for you to rummage through. It’s really wonderful when a group owner bestows quality freebies upon members, and that’s something that Nova frequently does. This latest gift coincides with the development of a new colour palette, called ‘Duo Tone’, which the gift allows you to explore courtesy of a HUD, and I heartily recommend that you drop by the store and grab ‘Queen’ to try it.  There are ten options to try in the hud and basically each half of your hair is a different shade, either complimentary or contrasting. The results are really exciting, and the potential offered by this new palette adds a cracking twist to your in-world hair shopping pleasures.The same gratitude extends to IKON.  The eye releases from this brand NEVER disappoint (which is why I wear them 95% of the time!) and this latest group gift is no exception. The gift is an exclusive pair of Odyssey eyes, called ‘Clarity’, and they’re beautiful. ‘Clarity’ seems to consist of blue shades to the edge of the iris, with sandy tones near to the centre. Perfect for the beach then, and a fabulous gift indeed!

If you become completely hypnotised by this release and find yourself wanting more, then you’ll be pleased to know the entire range of 49 colours are available exclusively at The Mens Dept (TMD) until June 30, where they are marked down 25%. After the event ends, they will be available at the main store, at full price.
Like all IKON eyes, these are gender neutral and work on both men and women. ‘

Here are all the details so you can go shopping!


SKIN: ZOUL CREATIONS ‘Carly’ (Sk1 No Brows ChB)
(Eyeshadow – Carly Eyeshadow Dreams 03)
(Lipstick – Carly Lipsticks Bubblegum 03)
EYEBROWS – JUST MAGNETIZED ‘Diva Brows’ (Brunette 03)
EYES – IKON ‘Odyssey’ eyes in ‘Clarity’ (M/L)

MESH BODY – SLINK ‘Physique’
TATTOO – Antielle ‘Moon Bastet Sleeves’ –  (AVAILABLE AT THE KAWAII PROJECT)
MANI/PEDI –ADORED ‘Sparkling Nights’ (Slink + Omega)


Bracelets – ZAARA ‘Friendship Bracelets’ (AVAILABLE AT THE ARCADE GACHA)
RING – REIGN – Chamber Rings- Meow (Black)


The IKON Eyes Have It! (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 2 of 30))

The very best monthly group gifts, in my humble opinion of course, come from IKON. 

Because each  month VIP group members are treated to a new pair of eyeballs from  this exemplary brand. 

The gift is available between the first week of each month, and is ALWAYS spectacular. 

Granted, you know that you’re going to get a pair of eyeballs, but when they’re as awesome as the ones produced by  Ikon Innovia it’s always a pleasure to receive them. 

This month the gift is a pair of eyes from the ‘Destiny’collection, called ‘Maya’. They’re fantastic; a stunning blend of jade and yellow tones with ribbons of gold. (The collection of 36 eyes is available exclusively at The Boutique until June 10th, after which they will be available in-store) 


If I had squillions of Lindens I swear I’d buy every pair in this collection because they are just AMAZING. The colours are all breathtaking and have been perfectly blended to create eyes that glimmer and glisten. The lighting upon the iris is utterly sublime and the size options in every IKON pack mean you can guarantee that your eyes will definitely have‘it’, if ‘it’ is being totally delicious. ( I tend towards the ‘M’ size)

If you aren’t a VIP group member, then poddle along to IKON now and join up and get these awesome eyes while you have the chance.

I promise you’ll be captivated by them.