Beauty School Dropout

Beauty School Dropout

A Very Vintage WeekendAPHORISM have released a couple of items that are just perfect for a vintage summer look. Of course, they work perfectly well when not given the vintage treatment, but as soon as I saw the  dress and the sandals I just knew what I needed to do with them!

What I did was add this fantastic Duffy-esque semi-updo from PINK HUSTLER  along with a pair of gloriously camp MAXI GOSSAMER shades to evoke a style that John Waters would be proud of.  Alas, I didn’t have any pink flamingoes.

The sundress is very pretty and I really like the double layer effect; the gauzy overlay is just short enough so that the hems of the original dress appear below it to provide the illusion of an edge.  The moulded cups to the main body of the dress also feature a contrast edge, and despite the apparent simplicity, there’s a lot of effort gone into making this frock. The main body of the dress is a more complicated looking texture than the gauze too, so when they’re combined it really feels like a substantial piece.

Of course, it works perfectly with the Bella heels.  These are a fantastic summer sandal; a classic style with  extra oomph by way of texture and finish. Zoom in, and you’ll find the chunky wedge heel coupled with  a choice of plain, rough and snakeskin leathers; perfect for pairing with not just dresses, but shorts and jeans too.  You’ll find the sun dress at THE SEASONS STORY, and the Bella Wedge Heels are available at the fantastic INDIE TEEPEE event.

Incidentally, it’s almost time for the MESH BODY ADDICTS BI-MONTHLY, and there are some wonderful items this round which I’ll be happily sharing with you on these pages. To begin I’m wearing a tattoo that I thought worked perfectly with the tones of my dress, it’s from CAROL G and I *really* like it! It’s called ‘Lovely Roses’ and they are precisely that.


SKIN: AMARA BEAUTY ‘DANA’ CATWA applier /MAITREYA body applier in 03 Peach    (Kitty wears this on Catwa ‘Gwen’ mesh head)

EYES: IKON ‘Triumph Eyes’ eyes in ‘Storm’


SUNGLASSES: MAXI GOSSAMER Monroe Florida 50’s Classic



TATTOO: CAROL G ‘Lovely Roses’ MESH BODY ADDICTS BI MONTHLY (LM not released yet..)





Wrap up! It’s time for The Season’s Story

Wrap up! It’s time for The Season’s Story

Aphorism_002..and I have *just* the thing.  One of the problems with Winter coats is that usually they’re so darn formal; big and heavy structured woolen numbers that look perfect when you’re all dressed up but when you want something warm yet dressed-down they just don’t work. The perfect solution then is a parka, and rejoice for APHORISM have released just the thing at THE SEASON’S STORY (opens 10th January)

The Winchester Parka is available for both sexes (You’ll see the male version at TMD, available now) and is the perfect casual Second Life winter jacket.  The female version includes the always handy Maitreya Autohide option to make wearing super easy, but really all you need to decide is which option to go for, because there are plenty of great colours to choose from.

I chose to go all bright and pink because, well, why the hell not? In fact, this is a GREAT look; add some leggings and flats, or just rain-boots and you’re good to go! Stick on a beanie and some headphones and you’re urban to the max, especially if you add jeans and sneakers.  As usual (for me anyway) a lot of the joy I get from Second Life clothing is knowing whether I could wear this in real life, and I so could.  The material looks chunky and dense, and the texture is spot on; a bit of twill and rib and lots of wrinkles and shading in all the right places make this a must-have item.

Do not miss this; it’s a cracking coat and one that is sure to prove extremely popular in-world and with good reason.  Right, I’m off for a pint…


BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

HEAD: Lelutka ‘Stella’ HUD 1.3 (worn with Laura applier, Asia tone)

EYES: IKON Triumph Eyes – Dusk (ML)

HAIRSTYLE: Action Inkubator ‘Emily’

COAT: Aphorism ‘Winchester Parka’ (Camo Pink) THE SEASONS STORY

PS – Yes, I’m wearing a mesh head after swearing blind (not that long ago either) that I would never wear one.  What can I say other than I got bored over the festive period, gave one a whirl and fell in love! I’ll talk more about this epiphany very soon..

Just Jez: Mr. Smarty Pants

Just Jez: Mr. Smarty Pants

Snapshot_001There’s a lot of (unnecessary) hipster-hate out there these days but if there’s one thing I personally congratulate that crowd for it’s the fact that they’ve (well, some of them) have brought the concept of dressing well back into the mainstream.  These days we don’t do a double take if we see a man sporting an exemplary beard and wearing a three piece suit, and that’s precisely how it should be if you ask me. It’s nice to dress well, something that is being remembered and definitely reflected in mainstream fashion, and I’m pleased to see it echoed in Second Life too. There are in fact a LOT of hipsters in-world; it seems to attract them and you’ll find them in their natural habitat, aka THE MENS DEPT, in droves. It’s a great place for (virtual) people watching but you’re always guaranteed to find something pretty special to wear too.  This month it’s the APHORISM ‘Cassady’ suit collection that pushes all Jez’s buttons, and it’s not hard to see why.  The Suit comes in 6 colours, Black, Charcoal, Grey, Pale Grey, Blue and Brown. The Jacket comes with 7 Tie, 5 Waistcoat & 4 Shirt options, trousers and jacket sold separately. It looks superb. The textures that have been chosen by designer Rucy Byron are perfect for a suit of this nature; it feels traditional for sure but it has an edge that means you can sport your man-bun, tattoos and septum piercings with this suit and look elegant and dapper. Snapshot_002

Click HERE to visit THE MENS DEPT SL and try the suit out for size!

So in the end, what was my costume of choice?

So in the end, what was my costume of choice?

akeleton_002This one! No need to worry about my hair or skin or make-up or ANYTHING really, other than the awesomeness of this APHORISM skeleton! It’s part of the Skeleton Collection available at WAYWARD HALLOWEEN. It’s a gacha prize, from a machine featuring two rare avatars (male and female) 6 Skulls – Devil, Vampire, Los Muertos Cross, Los Muertos Flower, Male & Female and some skeleton props too. akeleton_004

It looks super-realistic and I’ve been wearing it at various parties across the grid and got so many compliments, so if you’re after a quick costume and have left it to the last minute, pop over to WAYWARD HALLOWEEN and play the Gacha! (Oh, and if you have a chicken dance in your inventory, hidden away somewhere as most of us do, use it when you’re wearing this avatar. Got one of the laughs of the night!) Here I am at DANCE ISLAND, dancing next to DeadMau5, as you do..(Party still going strong guys, come and join us!)