So in the end, what was my costume of choice?

So in the end, what was my costume of choice?

akeleton_002This one! No need to worry about my hair or skin or make-up or ANYTHING really, other than the awesomeness of this APHORISM skeleton! It’s part of the Skeleton Collection available at WAYWARD HALLOWEEN. It’s a gacha prize, from a machine featuring two rare avatars (male and female) 6 Skulls – Devil, Vampire, Los Muertos Cross, Los Muertos Flower, Male & Female and some skeleton props too. akeleton_004

It looks super-realistic and I’ve been wearing it at various parties across the grid and got so many compliments, so if you’re after a quick costume and have left it to the last minute, pop over to WAYWARD HALLOWEEN and play the Gacha! (Oh, and if you have a chicken dance in your inventory, hidden away somewhere as most of us do, use it when you’re wearing this avatar. Got one of the laughs of the night!) Here I am at DANCE ISLAND, dancing next to DeadMau5, as you do..(Party still going strong guys, come and join us!)


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