Kitty’s Hips Don’t Lie (Much)

Kitty’s Hips Don’t Lie (Much)

hips don't lie

I feel all Shakira and Beyonce-like in this ‘Montmartre Collection’ outfit from APHORISM which is available at SHINY SHABBY. It’s a super-soft  two piece affair available in a variety of colours so that you can mix and match to your hearts content, but both top and bottoms can be worn in a myriad of different ways with other outfits too. I’m wearing mine with some examples from the belts that are designed to compliment the outfit perfectly; this is stunning summer wear that is perfect for cocktails at a beach party as the sun goes down. The fabric would keep you warm as the cool sea breeze starts to chill your sun-drenched skin. How wonderful does that sound? As you can see, the Montmartre Collection  looks absolutely stunning worn with this ‘Queen’ hairstyle from LITTLE BONES and these ‘Odyssey’ eyes from IKON, both of which are FREE GIFTS available in each store now (can you believe it?)

I’m absolutely relishing LITTLE BONES hair at the moment and the free gifts that are available when you join the group are second to none, there’s a whole shelf-full for you to rummage through. It’s really wonderful when a group owner bestows quality freebies upon members, and that’s something that Nova frequently does. This latest gift coincides with the development of a new colour palette, called ‘Duo Tone’, which the gift allows you to explore courtesy of a HUD, and I heartily recommend that you drop by the store and grab ‘Queen’ to try it.  There are ten options to try in the hud and basically each half of your hair is a different shade, either complimentary or contrasting. The results are really exciting, and the potential offered by this new palette adds a cracking twist to your in-world hair shopping pleasures.The same gratitude extends to IKON.  The eye releases from this brand NEVER disappoint (which is why I wear them 95% of the time!) and this latest group gift is no exception. The gift is an exclusive pair of Odyssey eyes, called ‘Clarity’, and they’re beautiful. ‘Clarity’ seems to consist of blue shades to the edge of the iris, with sandy tones near to the centre. Perfect for the beach then, and a fabulous gift indeed!

If you become completely hypnotised by this release and find yourself wanting more, then you’ll be pleased to know the entire range of 49 colours are available exclusively at The Mens Dept (TMD) until June 30, where they are marked down 25%. After the event ends, they will be available at the main store, at full price.
Like all IKON eyes, these are gender neutral and work on both men and women. ‘

Here are all the details so you can go shopping!


SKIN: ZOUL CREATIONS ‘Carly’ (Sk1 No Brows ChB)
(Eyeshadow – Carly Eyeshadow Dreams 03)
(Lipstick – Carly Lipsticks Bubblegum 03)
EYEBROWS – JUST MAGNETIZED ‘Diva Brows’ (Brunette 03)
EYES – IKON ‘Odyssey’ eyes in ‘Clarity’ (M/L)

MESH BODY – SLINK ‘Physique’
TATTOO – Antielle ‘Moon Bastet Sleeves’ –  (AVAILABLE AT THE KAWAII PROJECT)
MANI/PEDI –ADORED ‘Sparkling Nights’ (Slink + Omega)


Bracelets – ZAARA ‘Friendship Bracelets’ (AVAILABLE AT THE ARCADE GACHA)
RING – REIGN – Chamber Rings- Meow (Black)




shirt_001Another day, another denim adventure!

Today I fancied the classic white shirt and blue jeans combo, but I mixed it up a bit by wearing the shirt open and loose, and adding some frayed denim shorts instead of full jeans. It’s a footloose and fancy free sort of look, made all the better for the glorious hairstyle that I’m sporting, along with an old classic BELLEZA skin. BELLEZA is having a bit of a sale at the moment actually, and it’s well worth your time to check them out. Well, ‘a bit of a sale’ is an understatement, it’s actually a HUGE RETIREMENT sale, so it’s in your best interest to take a trip over and scoop up some favourites before they’re gone forever.
My guess is that the BELLEZA team is planning for the release of their mesh body, amongst other things, so they’re making space in their store for all the lovely goodness coming our way. The sale gave me the chance to finally pick up the Chloe skin that I have lusted after for an age; I don’t tend to buy many skins these days, but I have ALWAYS wanted this skin because of the eyeliner options in Bundle 2.
I genuinely think it’s one of the best skins that Tricky Boucher has ever produced and it’s my honest opinion that the eyeliners, shadow and lip colours have never been matched by any other BELLEZA skin release (with the exception of their Ava BB skin- the eyeliner on that one (which is my profile pic) is LEGENDARY)
These shorts were actually a Marketplace find that I stumbled across months ago. They were only L$1, but they’re a great shape and really effective with their worn seams and overall tatty appearance. I often dress them up with tights or leggings underneath and a big baggy jumper on top, but today I wanted something a little more formal looking, and this gorgeous white open collar blouse from TRES BLAH, at the UBER SL event, was just what I needed.
Last but not least is this beautiful hairstyle from ELIKATIRA. This is another store holding an epic sale and this style, ‘Cassidy’ is included. Regular hair colour packs are available for L$99 each, but you’ll need to be quick because this astonishing offer ends on Friday.

I hope you’re enjoying these denim-centric looks that I’m posting every day this week; here’s to some more heavy duty cotton happy tomorrow! 

Kitty Wears: 

Eyes: ‘Perspective-Blush’ by IKON

Ears: Human Ears Tragus by CASA CHEERNO  **The Mens Dept **

Eyeliner and Septum Ring by MONS

Skin: Chloe (make-up 29 in medium tone) by BELLEZA

Hair: ‘Cassidy’ by ELIKATIRA

Shirt: White open collar blouse by TRES BLAH **Uber SL**

Shorts: Frayed Medium Denim Shorts by LRH **Marketplace Item**

LOTD: An attack of the purples

LOTD: An attack of the purples


Still rocking this Jalwa skin, ‘Coven’ for Gothmas by Gaslight. I really, really do adore it, so I implore you Chandra, PLEASE can you make more versions of this?! I’m not asking for much, just a few different colours ( I can’t wear purple forever!!) and lips please, PLEASE?!

(I don’t want to beg, It’s embarrassing..but I am begging. The brows and eye-make up shape are JUST me, so please do more colours, pretty pretty please!!!!!!) 

Because I wanted a change on the lips I added a tattoo make-up layer in a purple shade, with teeth, just to shake things up a bit. I found this MODISH ‘Beforeulips’ in Goth at THE DRESSING ROOM FUSION, along with the excellent mesh-bra from MC MESH that I’m wearing underneath this VALENTINA E. wrap dress. Now, this dress is a little different in that the fit leaves the front quite exposed, indeed you could see my norks from some angles until I added the bra, but I love the fact that you can see this underwear, and I think it really enhances the look. I really have loved Valentina Evangelista’s releases this year, her work has been continually top-notch and I always check out her new releases as soon as I hear about them. Worn with this bra from Freya Olivieri makes for a very  sensual look. In fact this bra is a real find, it’s delicately detailed in a lace pattern with tiny pearl enhancements and a jewel to the centre. I do love nice lingerie!

Another addition from Gothmas by Gaslight is the jewellery that I am wearing in this shot.  I’m wearing the ECLECTICA ‘Catherine’ ring set and necklace.  This is a super pretty set, with texture change  cabochons that feature a Victorian-style rose motif. The whole set really adds an element of elegance to your outfit.  The rings of course are adjustable so you can fit them to your system hands or your SLink hands, should you so wish. ( I haven’t got any appliers yet for my Jalwa skin, hence me wearing my normal hands in this shot..*shudder*) Again, Tiffy Vella is one of those designers who never cuts corners with her work and every Eclectica release is a pleasure to behold; her inspiration stems from Art Deco and times past, and she incorporates these influences into her work beautifully.

I really do want to emphasise that you can wear Goth elements in your apparel without going full-on Bela Lugosi. Don’t be put off by the conventional idea that this style is  all black and mournful.  Well it is, but it’s the way that you wear an item and combine it with other pieces that really counts.  You will find some bloody amazing items under the Goth heading in-world that can be adapted to any look, something that I really hope Gothmas By Gaslight is proving!

I’ve always loved Goth styling and culture. In real life because I have long dark hair and a pale complexion I have dabbled more than a few times with the look, and it is one of my favourite fashion genres; but of course for it to be truly effective it has to be done well. And there are a lot of bloggers out there in the SL Metaverse who really DO know how to Goth.  (If you do a search in Google you’ll find some great blogs like THIS one, and THIS one, ooh and THIS one too!)  What I’m trying to say is that adding a few elements of this style to your look can really work sensationally, so why not give it a try?

Gothmas By Gaslight is the perfect place to start! 

Kitty wears…