Kitty Goes Acrostic! (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 6 of 30))

Kitty Goes Acrostic! (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 6 of 30))

Strawberry Singh’s latest meme is all about acrostic poetry.

I’ve not dabbled in this since I was in junior school, a very long time ago, so it was great fun. A challenge, but entertaining nontheless!

Here’s my creation for your reading pleasure, ahem:

Kindness and caring are this Kitty’s thing,

Is it really so hard to be nice?

Truth is for some it’s a pretty big deal,

Those drama-avatars who’re ‘keeping it real’

You’re so cold with your hearts full of ice!

“Oh really?” You say spilling negative vibes,

“This attitude makes me a star!”

Of course I respond to your immature lies,

“Obviously it will help you go far..”

Learn to respect all your Second Life friends,

Empathy proves who you actually are.

I tried to keep it Second Life themed, and it ended up becoming a jab at those avatars whose sole aim in their second lives is to be bitchy and dramatic. I’m sure you’ve encountered them by now!

There is a ridiculous amount of drama in SL.  It’s the only thing that spoils the environment in my mind. I honestly cannot deal with it, and never understand it.

Do people think because they are pixels on a screen that they need to leave their manners at log-in?

I’m exactly the same in my second life as I am in my real life.  That means I treat everyone how I want to be treated, with respect. Surely that’s not so hard to do?

5 thoughts on “Kitty Goes Acrostic! (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 6 of 30))

  1. Kitty, I LOVE this! I think the same thing so many times every time I see the same people causing a ruckus all over their blogs and social networks, crying for attention! Brilliantly written and congrats on keeping up with ABC! ❤


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