Kitty Quicky: Just a thought… (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 7 of 30))

There’s so much going on in-world at the moment!

It really feels like the past few months have seen an explosion in sales and events. 

On the whole, I think this is a GOOD thing, provided that the quality is there. On the whole I think it is, but sometimes I truly despair at mesh items that are poorly textured and placed for sale. Come on guys, if you’re expecting people to buy your item you have to put the effort in!

I also equally despair at seeing RL logos on clothing in-world. This week I’ve seen Reebok, Chanel and Adidas at a number of events. It’s not only rather pointless, and lazy, it’s also rather silly; these are trademarks and you’re infringing copyright by reproducing them in world without permission.

I’d far rather an imaginative logo from an in-world store anyway; we’re in a virtual world, so why do we need real world logos? 

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