Kitty Quicky: It’s too darn HOT!!!

Kitty Quicky: It’s too darn HOT!!!

I have got a LOT of blogging to do, But the problem is, it is so darn hot.

Here in the UK we have very odd weather, it’s raining, flooding, pelting it down with snow or on rare occasions it’s so hot that you can barely breathe.  We’re enduring the latter at the moment, and it has to be said most of us Brits are struggling with it, I know I am.

I’m conscious that I have a lot of blogging to do over the next few days, something I have been looking forward to, but at the moment it is too hot to physically sit down at my PC and run Second Life. My desk is even situated next to a window, yet it is absolutely boiling still, and it’s just gone 8pm!

So keep the faith, normal service will resume as soon as I’m able.  I’ve The Home Show to talk about, as well as The Boutique and that other event beginning with ‘H’, plus new lovely items from Bazar and Atelier Visconti, so stay tuned!

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