Kitty Eats ALL The Pies At The Food Fair 2013!

Kitty Eats ALL The Pies At The Food Fair 2013!

I’m going to be super relevant by posting about an event that’s just started in world, and that is ‘Food Fair 2013’

(Yes, I know I still have shit tons to catch up on, YIKES!)Food Fair_001

See the ducks in the background? Not on the menu apparently..

I love food, in fact I’m a bit of a pig when it comes to anything edible. I eat way too much junk, not enough fruit, lots of chocolate and hence I am the size of a small planet in real life.

In Second Life of course calories don’t matter so you can eat as much as you want..and with that in mind I set off for Food Fair for shit-loads of virtual tasting!

The Food Fair build is nice and neat and easy to navigate, with a number of colourful shops and stalls centered around a large pond.  It features an array of creators offering up their finest food-related wares, but if I’m brutally honest there are some totally baffling vendors here as well, who have little if anything to do with food, but hey, let’s not start off by being too critical, but please asssure me that the breedable sharks aren’t going to be used in Shark Fin soup?!

Well a fair bit actually, and there were lots of avatars here as well. It surprised me that it was so busy,and  that is always good to see. Alas, there wasn’t much in the way of food-tasting, but lots to feast your eyes upon nonetheless.Food Fair_003CULPRIT have some extremely tasty furniture offerings; including a lovely sofa and liquorice style cushions and pillows. They also have a pear tea set that is absolutely to die for, it’s just so cute and one of those things that you see and wish you had in real life. (Well, at least I do anyway!) I’m one of those girls who prefers pears to apples , especially when it comes to cider, so this had to find a place in my virtual dwelling. Food Fair_004

CASA DEL SHAI have a lovely market theme going on with mouth-watering  baskets of fruits on display that you just want to dive into and smell and taste and tummy is rumbling. They have some really fabulous kitchen scales on offer too which are well worth a punt and I indulged in the red ones to decorate my kitchen. Food Fair_006

Note the watermelons above? Where’s Torley Linden at?!

Looking around I was hoping for more small items that I could decorate my kitchen with, I didn’t see as many as I had hoped, but I did note that there were some stores still setting up so I will have to take a return trip and investigate further.  Provided my ever-expanding waist band will let me of course, but back to the tasty stuff.Food Fair_002

PILOT is a brand that I have a lot of time and respect for in-world. The work that Kaz Nayar produces is always phenomenally built and textured, and it seems that he can apply those same skills to food making as well. Dear me, I could have picked up and eaten the chicken nuggets, burger and fries and ham dinner that he has on sale! Not only are his products outrageously realistic but land impact is nominal.  My only quibble are the prices, L$200 for some nuggets and dip is a bit on the steep side BUT then again..just look at them and tell me they don’t belong in your mouth?!Food Fair_007

CIRCA has supplied a gargantuan array of food items, but my favourites have to be the cocktails. They really look the part,  and you can buy various different packs to guzzle besides the pool. There’s also a number of really cool Gacha machines in store, I won a few nifty cocktails out of them and they look scrummy! Food Fair_005

Of Course BAUWERK  have some amazing items for sale ( they don’t really do anything less than awesome do they?) including lovely bistro sets, wine-cork stools and the most delicious looking muffins at just L$5 each! I bloody love muffins I do…

Food Fair_009

And my last but not least pick is from A.E. METH have created foodie comics in five designs which just look so utterly brilliant.  It’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into creating these items, which make them all the more special if you ask me.

These are just a few things that caught my eye at this event. Also check out the brilliantly alternative  ‘Witchhazel’s Spice Rack’ at MV, ‘The Summer Barbecue Pack’from RASSASY FOODS and the fabulous fortune cookies bags from ADORE+ABHOR.  Now you must excuse me, I’ve eaten a LOT and need to relax a little, so I’m just going to float about a bit with my new duck friends….

Food Fair_011

Check out the  full run-down on Seraphim, and click here to TP to the event itself!

3 thoughts on “Kitty Eats ALL The Pies At The Food Fair 2013!

    1. And therein lies the problem. It *is* lovely, there’s no mistaking that to be true but it is hideously primmy. Now that there’s abundant mesh on the grid, I’m not prepared to spend a lot on something that is overtly primtastic. Compared to Pilot which is a mesh masterpiece, which would you rather pay for? I mean, the Pilot work is very expensive, BUT it’s done so well that it is practically art, and has nominal land impact.


      1. Yep, I couldn’t agree more. One of the reasons I’m such a huge Cheeky Pea and Trompe L’oeil fan is because the work is both incredibly good AND incredibly economical in LI terms. Not cheap, but definitely well worth it!

        I *did* hit up the parfait and cocktail gachas at Circa, though 😉


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