Kitty@Home: Stockholm & Lima’s Perfect British Christmas

Kitty@Home: Stockholm & Lima’s Perfect British Christmas

table_001So as regular readers know, in the past few weeks RL got in the way and dropped a blinder on me. I’m getting back on my feet and although I’m still feeling winded by it all (and it will take me a while to recover) I’ve found so much solace in Second Life in recent days.  (I’ve also received some lovely messages of support, so if you’re reading this please know that your words have made a difference, and I’m grateful for them:)
To cheer myself up I’ve decorated my skybox for Christmas/Yule. It’s funny how we do that in the virtual world, isn’t it? Mind you, it’s a lot easier; no broken baubles, tangled lights or pine needles stuck in the carpet, or even worse, the sole of your foot!
Unlike some of the wonderful interiors that you would see on the pages of LTD mine isn’t themed nor is it especially grand, it’s just your regular lots of red and green tinsel and lights  for me and Jez to enjoy, but hey, I am enjoying it, and I will continue to do so for the rest of the festive season.
I’ve got all kinds of Christmas goodies stashed away in my inventory that I’ve collected over the years. Some I’ve had to throw out, but some I just can’t bear to part with even though they use more prims than an entire homestead in their construction! But something I definitely wanted and never had was a proper Christmas dinner set-up, and you’d be surprised by how difficult it’s been to source one. I didn’t want anything overly fancy, just the kind of super-informal setting that you’d enjoy with family and friends before crashing out on the sofa and watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special.  (It had better be good this year BBC, you’ve been warned!)British Christmas GachaKey
I found just what I was looking for at STOCKHOLM & LIMA. Granted, this was actually released in December 2015, but it’s still available and absolutely worth your time and Lindens; I haven’t found anything quite as good this year, which has surprised me, but no matter; the detailed mesh is perfect for my needs. (I mean, check out the sprouts and the Yorkshire’s  what more could you need?!)

I fancied a slightly different table and chairs to my usual favourite BAZAR set; so I ventured over to THE LOFT where I found this ‘Roxanne’ set.  The table is especially nice with a lovely, chunky wrought-iron base and the matching industrial style light feature (just out of shot) really looks the part.  I picked up a texture change table runner while I was there, along with some tableware and voila! My work here is done:)

  • STOCKHOLM & LIMA ‘It’s A British Christmas’ Gacha machine is L$50 per play, located in main building. It’s on the left as you walk in, third section down, next to ‘The Alchemist’ Bar set.
  • THE LOFT ‘Roxanne’ Table, chairs, rug, wall word-art and lighting feature (not shown) are all available as individual pieces or a set.  Table runner and place setting are part of the ‘Casolare’ range in store.
  • PILOT  Tall candlesticks,
  • R(S)W  Votive candles
  • ARIA Giada drawer cabinet
  • TARTESSOS ARTS ‘TA212’ NY wall art
  • AMUSE  Wine bottle (which dispenses filled glasses that I’ve used on the table)
London Living By Ria Bazar @ 6REPUBLIC

London Living By Ria Bazar @ 6REPUBLIC

You still have a few days left to get yourselves over to 6Republic and shop for goodies for your virtual abode, and if you don’t actually have an abode then may I make a suggestion? How about nabbing yourself one of the nicest, and most original, skyboxes that is currently available in Second Life? Let me back up a bit: this current round of 6Republic is a tale of two cities: London and New York to be precise.  The furnishings and builds at the event have all been inspired by these locations; think prints with skyscrapers, fire hydrant fittings and industrial style furniture as well as union flags galore, but it’s the builds which really evoke the spirit of these great cities, and the latest mesh skybox from Ria Bazar is the Second life equivalent of having your very own London penthouse.terace_001First of all the exterior of this build is a real 3D treat- you actually have a London street featuring building facades and greenery.   This is great scene setting; you can use this exterior to take pictures in, or just enjoy the view from your balcony window.  The skybox sits within this street surround so you get a great view from all of your windows, and it really does make it feel just right. It’s perfect for pictures!London Apartment 3The skybox interior is nicely textured with features like working windows and doors, along with radiators and UK plug sockets.  The walls have been decorated to suggest a revamped apartment that has seen slightly better days, and there’s a bold Banksy inspired print adorning one of the walls to give a really modern edge to the environment. The build centrepiece is the lift (elevator).  That’s right; rather than a staircase there’s a working lift to take you between floors, how classy is that?! The detail upon this is pretty dazzling and I urge you to have a gander! Check out the construction of the lift capsule itself, the rope pulleys and mechanised elements all look pretty dazzling and very unusual.London Apartment  There’s plenty of living space too for you to decorate and the textures that have been used here combine perfectly to evoke a modern space ripe for dressing.  I particularly enjoyed the bathroom; it’s tiny but I used pieces from the Bazar ‘Floria’ Bathroom to fill it and make a space that I could imagine relaxing in at the end of a long, hot London day. I can just imagine lazing in the tub with the window open, listening to the sounds of the birds and the traffic from the street below…London Apartment 2I love a good skybox; I love placing furniture in them and I love where they take your imagination to.  This one definitely took me on a journey to the best city in the world, and I’m sure it will do the same for you.  Be sure to check it out at 6REPUBLIC, and then the BAZAR main store!

BAZAR – skybox, 866L

London Skyhome, 46x46m, 86 LI, c/m/nt, demo via TP, 866L.
Some decorative pieces featured in this from APHORISM @ THE GACHA GARDEN, along with bathroom accessories by VESPERTINE and PILOT. 



February’s Collabor88 has landed and as you would expect it’s a bit of a corker.

Every month when I eventually get in to the Sim I always have the same thought, “They’ll never better this round”, and guess what? The following month they do just that.

I know a lot of people are unhappy at the moment and vocalising loudly that events are taking interest away from individual stores and content creators and that there are too many of them. I can see why they would be so alarmed, especially when you consider that every time you try to get into C88 you’re unable to because of the sheer volume of avatar traffic.  Perhaps there are too many events but not every one is quality, featuring original and inspired content.  I’ve no doubt the less professional events will eventually fall by the way-side leaving room for even better ones to take their place, but the harsh fact is that quality events will always bring in an audience, and  regular events such as C88, Fameshed  The Liasion Collaborative and The Mens Dept certainly have dedicated fans who eagerly await the new releases each month with baited breath.  And it’s no wonder, because they are excellent .

This month the theme is Supernova, and you can expect to be faced with an intergalactic explosion of colour and style when you eventually manage to get into the event. There’s a sensational array of clothing, hair, skins and furniture as well as accessories and jewellery all ready to be drooled over, with all the items meeting the space-age brief in an original and exciting way.

For my look of the day I’ve mixed a couple of C88 finds with some old classics from my inventory.  I’m wearing an old favourite of mine, the ERRATIC Cory Oversized Sweater, and I’ve teamed it with the absolutely out-of-this-world  ‘Nebula Leggings’ by NYLON OUTFITTERS.  I’m always excited to see what Nylon Pinkney has contributed to C88. She has an original, quirky style, and it mixes in really easily with more conventional pieces to help you create a totally individual look. It’s effortless but really effective styling. To complete this ensemble,  I’m wearing just one piece of jewellery, but it sure makes a statement and brings the look together. It’s the ‘Galactic Necklace’ from PILOT.  I really like the fact that this pendant features an animated, swirling galaxy and like every one of Kaz Nayar’s creations it’s expertly crafted.

I’m also wearing the BELLEZA ‘Ria’ skin here, from the last round of C88, although at first glance you may not recognize it. That’s because I’ve been really cheeky  and added some tattoo make-up layers, in this case from the IZZIE’S ‘Asia’ range of eyeshadows and lipsticks. Last but not least I found an old hairstyle in my inventory that I had completely forgotten that I had from EXILE.

I’m really pleased with this look, I hope you find some space-age  inspiration at Collabor88  this month too!

Kitty wears:

  • HAIR- EXILE ‘Arihana’ in Moreno
  • SKIN- BELLEZA ‘Ria’ (Med tone, option 5, dk brow)
  • EYES – IKON ‘Destiny’ Eyes in ‘Maya’ (ML)
  • LASHES- MC ‘Falsies’ (Upper and lower)
  • MAKE-UP- IZZIES ‘Asia’ Range-Purple Eyeshadow and Brown Lipstick
  • TOP-ERRATIC ‘Cory Oversized Sweater’ (Purple)
  • SHORTS-EMERY Mesh High Waist Denim Short ‘Hope’
  • LEGGINGS-NYLON OUTFITTERS ‘Nebula’ Leggings in ‘Purple Galaxy’ COLLABOR88
  • NECKLACE- PILOT-Galactic Necklace in Purple/Gold COLLABOR88

Click HERE to see if you can get into the C88 sim! Good luck! 

Kitty Eats ALL The Pies At The Food Fair 2013!

Kitty Eats ALL The Pies At The Food Fair 2013!

I’m going to be super relevant by posting about an event that’s just started in world, and that is ‘Food Fair 2013’

(Yes, I know I still have shit tons to catch up on, YIKES!)Food Fair_001

See the ducks in the background? Not on the menu apparently..

I love food, in fact I’m a bit of a pig when it comes to anything edible. I eat way too much junk, not enough fruit, lots of chocolate and hence I am the size of a small planet in real life.

In Second Life of course calories don’t matter so you can eat as much as you want..and with that in mind I set off for Food Fair for shit-loads of virtual tasting!

The Food Fair build is nice and neat and easy to navigate, with a number of colourful shops and stalls centered around a large pond.  It features an array of creators offering up their finest food-related wares, but if I’m brutally honest there are some totally baffling vendors here as well, who have little if anything to do with food, but hey, let’s not start off by being too critical, but please asssure me that the breedable sharks aren’t going to be used in Shark Fin soup?!

Well a fair bit actually, and there were lots of avatars here as well. It surprised me that it was so busy,and  that is always good to see. Alas, there wasn’t much in the way of food-tasting, but lots to feast your eyes upon nonetheless.Food Fair_003CULPRIT have some extremely tasty furniture offerings; including a lovely sofa and liquorice style cushions and pillows. They also have a pear tea set that is absolutely to die for, it’s just so cute and one of those things that you see and wish you had in real life. (Well, at least I do anyway!) I’m one of those girls who prefers pears to apples , especially when it comes to cider, so this had to find a place in my virtual dwelling. Food Fair_004

CASA DEL SHAI have a lovely market theme going on with mouth-watering  baskets of fruits on display that you just want to dive into and smell and taste and tummy is rumbling. They have some really fabulous kitchen scales on offer too which are well worth a punt and I indulged in the red ones to decorate my kitchen. Food Fair_006

Note the watermelons above? Where’s Torley Linden at?!

Looking around I was hoping for more small items that I could decorate my kitchen with, I didn’t see as many as I had hoped, but I did note that there were some stores still setting up so I will have to take a return trip and investigate further.  Provided my ever-expanding waist band will let me of course, but back to the tasty stuff.Food Fair_002

PILOT is a brand that I have a lot of time and respect for in-world. The work that Kaz Nayar produces is always phenomenally built and textured, and it seems that he can apply those same skills to food making as well. Dear me, I could have picked up and eaten the chicken nuggets, burger and fries and ham dinner that he has on sale! Not only are his products outrageously realistic but land impact is nominal.  My only quibble are the prices, L$200 for some nuggets and dip is a bit on the steep side BUT then again..just look at them and tell me they don’t belong in your mouth?!Food Fair_007

CIRCA has supplied a gargantuan array of food items, but my favourites have to be the cocktails. They really look the part,  and you can buy various different packs to guzzle besides the pool. There’s also a number of really cool Gacha machines in store, I won a few nifty cocktails out of them and they look scrummy! Food Fair_005

Of Course BAUWERK  have some amazing items for sale ( they don’t really do anything less than awesome do they?) including lovely bistro sets, wine-cork stools and the most delicious looking muffins at just L$5 each! I bloody love muffins I do…

Food Fair_009

And my last but not least pick is from A.E. METH have created foodie comics in five designs which just look so utterly brilliant.  It’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into creating these items, which make them all the more special if you ask me.

These are just a few things that caught my eye at this event. Also check out the brilliantly alternative  ‘Witchhazel’s Spice Rack’ at MV, ‘The Summer Barbecue Pack’from RASSASY FOODS and the fabulous fortune cookies bags from ADORE+ABHOR.  Now you must excuse me, I’ve eaten a LOT and need to relax a little, so I’m just going to float about a bit with my new duck friends….

Food Fair_011

Check out the  full run-down on Seraphim, and click here to TP to the event itself!