Love Donna Flora

Love Donna Flora

Furniture by Kaerri available at the Love Donna Flora event. 

Donna Flora is one of those brands that has achieved an almost legendary status in Second Life. That’s an honour that’s awarded to very few creators, yet the designer behind the brand, Squinternet Larnia, rightfully achieved such recognition years ago. She’s well known not only for her work, but also for her generosity of spirit too.

You only have to visit the main-store to see why Squinternet is so deserving of the high praise that her designs generate. She is THE creator of classical elegance In Second Life; taking breathtaking dress designs from a bygone age and embellishing them with a modern twist. But for me, it’s her jewellery designs that really single Squinternet out as being someone special. Her work is ornate, carefully crafted and totally unique in a virtual world where all too often you encounter duplicated designs.

There is nothing in our metaverse quite like Donna Flora.

Squinternet’s voice speaks to us through her designs and has captivated us all, and now it’s time for us to give something back to someone who has given us so much to enjoy.

Although I haven’t had the privilege of meeting Squinternet Larnia, I do know I have never seen such an immediate response to a call for help before, either in Second Life or reality.Squinternet is evidently loved and admired by many residents of the metaverse, all of whom are willing her to be well, and are happy to do whatever it takes to try and help her achieve that goal. In Second Life’s case, that’s raising funds.

The ever-awesome Cajsa Lilliehook put out the call and it was answered. The Love Donna Flora event was created, and the enthusiasm that greeted the development of this occasion was so fierce it was practically tangible. On Plurk the offers of help from creators, bloggers and all areas of Second Life gathered serious momentum over a very short period of time and it was pretty astonishing to witness. (I wish the media would see Second Life for the great things that it does like this, rather than for the salacious stories that the mass media is so intent on running.)

But no matter; the sole aim of this event is to let Squinternet know that the Second Life community love her, miss her and want her to be as well and as comfortable as she possibly can be.

The intention is that the funds raised by this event will go towards supporting Squinternet in whatever way she she needs, be that nursing care or holistic therapy. I sincerely hope the event raises a shit-load of cash for her to use towards her treatment. And I genuinely think it will, because so many designers have contributed items to the event with generous donations going straight to the cause.

So readers, please go and visit this amazing event. If you prefer, check out the Seraphim image gallery to see what is in store, and then TP to the event.

Buy as much as you can*, donate as much as you can, and know that when you do the funds will go towards helping someone very special indeed.

We’re with you Squinternet Larnia.

Love Donna Flora Forever ❤

(*I’ll be featuring event items on this blog all week)

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