The Lesser-Spotted Domestic Kitty Goddess…

The Lesser-Spotted Domestic Kitty Goddess…

I bloody hate chores I do. 
Hands that do dishes are not as soft as my chops, contrary to popular belief!

BUT it must be said that some of the LOVE DONNA FLORA goodies are making the washing of plates and scraping of dishes a much better experience all round.

Have you been yet? I popped by again earlier to pick up a few more treats and to see how the event was going, and I’m delighted to say that even though it’s been running a few days there were plenty of people shopping which was very satisfying to witness indeed. So let me tell you about what I am wearing. 

EVEN FLOW have a number of items for sale at the event, and for my look I am rocking their tee and jeans combo. I haven’t worn jeans in ages, preferring to stick to tights and short skirts and boots (I’ve been going through a punk phase)but these jeans are so pretty with their delicate surface pattern, rose waistband fabric and pocket detail as well as excellent creasing around the knee, that I couldn’t resist slipping them on. These are very wearable jeans and I think I will be sporting them often!

You’ll also spy my glorious FLAIR manicure. Again, this is available from the LOVE DONNA FLORA event, and it features plain colour accentuated with a daisy motif and white tip. Very stylish and looks great with both casual and dressier outfits, and it didn’t chip when I was scrubbing the remainder of Jez’s legendary lasagne off the dish, which was nice…This is a nice, smart casual look, and I added some LVLE pumps in grey, as well as my trusty friendship bracelets and hair from WASABI PILLS. My skin is from the ever delectable IZZIE’S.


A quick change, and I was ready for a night out. My dress is also from EVEN FLOW. This is the ‘Evolution’ dress and it’s just sumptuous, I absolutely adore this ‘grape-berry’ tone and it fits like a dream. I teamed it with lace leggings from LARK and there you have it, day to night outfit perfection all whilst helping a fabulous cause.
(Again, I’m sporting the excellent LVLE mesh pumps (to fit Slink feet) but this time in a purple shade. (They’re deceptively simple looking creations, but do not let that fool you, they’ve been carefully crafted, textured and are extremely effective, an essential purchase to quickly enhance any outfit!))

dress 3

Also at LOVE DONNA FLORA are a number of pose sets from some really great creators. You can never have enough poses in my opinion, and they’re all worthy of your Lindens. The poses in theses two images are from ELEPHANTE, part of their ‘Trust Me’ set and very lovely they are too.

Here’s a link to the Seraphim Gallery for a run-down of the gorgeousness available at the event, and here’s your TP.

Off you trot now and buy lots of lovely things for this awesome cause! (I’ll be featuring more items tomorrow) 

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