The Perfect Chair For Over There..

The Perfect Chair For Over There..


For that corner over there I need to find the perfect chair for getting comfortable while I read, surf, chat, knit, you know the kind of thing! Well, I don’t actually have to look very far to be honest, because BAZAR have created two stunning chairs for the 24 event I was talking about yesterday, and they will more than satisfy your comfy chair needs. 

The ‘Summer 24 Chairs’ are available in either leather or fabric styles. There are also versions featuring a delicious fur throw, just right for covering your knees while you become engrossed in your latest read.  As with all BAZAR products (and come on, by now you KNOW that I am a fan) they feature perfect texture choices and styling and are top-notch build quality.

reading corner_005


The fabric version has a classic scallop-style print in neutral tones. The leather version features a really brilliant leather texture, perhaps the best I’ve seen in-world yet, and is a dark, chocolate colour. The wood for both is dark and modern, with a dusky pink cushion thrown in for good measure. The seat is deep and comfortable looking, which is important because there’s nothing worse than a sore bum when you’re enjoying a good read.

At the rear there are a couple of metal rivets to hold everything in place; not really an important detail I know, BUT the fact that this is paid attention to and treated with the same care as the rest of the chair confirms that this is quality work indeed. The fur throw is casually tossed to one side of the seat and features an exquisite fur that you just know would be super-soft and warm to the touch.

Like most BAZAR seating this comes complete with an array of poses for male and female avatars, and also features a great selection of prop-led poses, including this great telephone number…(Change your expression using an Anypose HUD and you have a great photo opportunity!)RAHHHH!!!

Land Impact is a pretty damn negligible 2 points, and chairs are MOD/COPY/NO TRANS.  Because they’re going to be featured at ‘The 24’ I assume that there will be limited quantities available of each chair, so as per my recommendation yesterday, be sure to get there early to bag yourself one of these seats!

Smashing aren’t they? Check out ‘the 24’ blog for more details.  It’s going to be quite an event; I’ll see you there!


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