So The Arcade Shopping Guide Is Out…


…and this face is the face of someone who is doomed.

I’m sat here in my kitchen enjoying my umpteenth brew of the day perusing the interwebs and lo and behold, The Arcade Shopping Guide is finally published and it displays ALL of the wonderful Gacha products that are available this round.

I feel a combination of terrible excitement and abject misery. Misery because I’ll not be able to get in, and when I do I will spend all my Lindens, but excitement at the fact that when I DO finally get in it will be so, so worth it.

Have you planned your trip?

The Arcade opens for business on Sunday so perhaps it’s a good idea to peruse the blog before hand so you know what to look out for, provided you can actually get in!

I may have to swap my usual brew for chamomile to calm my nerves….

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