Horrorfest 2013: There’s A Bat In Mi Kitchen What Am I Gonna Do?

Horrorfest 2013: There’s A Bat In Mi Kitchen What Am I Gonna Do?


Well, I’m going to stop making up silly versions of UB40 songs for a start!

Anyway, first post from Horrorfest 2013 and it’s a corker. Feast your eyes on this wee cutie!   This is Stella (no she doesn’t do tricks, I asked*)  and she is a ‘Fledermaus Batty Plush’ from SILENT SPARROW  and she is to DIE FOR! Squeeee!!!!

As with all SILENT SPARROW stuff she’s beautifully built and textured to perfection.  I really love the pattern on her fur, and she is softly coloured. She’s so squishy and cuddly and I want her desperately in real life. Check out her chops; her features are absolutely adorable!  She has lovely big flying-fox ears and is, without a doubt, the cutest bat I have ever seen.



There are some great choices available for Stella too with lots of wearing possibilities as well as static poses.

I really like the ‘Sleepy’ pose, which is the bat hanging over my hob.  ‘Flop’ is ideal for placing on a bed, and ‘Dance’ is just too cute for words, look!


But the best of all? 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Stella go towards the chosen charity, ‘Epilepsy Therapy Project’.  How can you resist?

Horrorfest 2013 starts TOMORROW.  Keep your eyes glued to the official blog for location details so you can go and splurge all your Lindens on Stella!

Right, you’ll have to excuse me, got some Guano to go and clean up. Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t add a ‘certain-something’ to casseroles…


(*If you got the obscure reference you can consider yourself very clever indeed for the rest of the day.  If you didn’t, feel free to ping me and I’ll divulge!) 

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