Horrorfest 2013: Spooky Fashions That Work All Year Round..

Horrorfest 2013: Spooky Fashions That Work All Year Round..


Halloween may be over, but  Horrorfest 2013 is still going strong and raising lots of lovely cash for The Epilepsy Therapy Project.  The event doesn’t finish until November 8th, and I urge you to go if you haven’t visited yet.

Of course, now that the Samhain season has passed, you may be feeling that the time for buying the spooky wares on display has ended, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Many of the items have lasting appeal and can be adapted to suit different looks and outfits. Here is a couple of examples to get you going. In the picture above I’m sporting the FRI.DAY ‘Raven’ hood while I enjoy an Autumnal jaunt in the woods. I’ve slipped it over the COQUET ‘Miranda’ frock that I picked up at this round of FAMESHED, but you can add it to a variety of outfits and it remains really effective. Of course, you can wear it as part of a role-play set-up too; add a quiver of arrows, and you’re well on your way to evoking the spirit of a famous woodland outlaw.

Here’s another example; I added my DRD ‘Skeletonhands’ necklace to a jumper by ERRATIC and some leggings from NYLON OUTFITTERS to conjure up a spooky everyday look that works whatever the season.

Snapshot_004What I’m trying to get across here is that even though the theme may be Horror, it doesn’t have to be restricted to October and the darker months of the year; in Second Life anything goes after all!

Taxi to Horrorfest 2013? Here you go..



HORRORFEST 2013 – I Wanna Be Adorned..

HORRORFEST 2013 – I Wanna Be Adorned..

Adornmint furniture


More HORRORFEST 2013 awesome for you to get giddy about!

This time I’m featuring ADORN.MINT’s rather delectable furniture that is available at the fair.  The picture above features the ‘Dead Man’s Bookshelf’ and ‘The Nightshade Bench’.

Both work really well and would be especially welcomed by those with a fondness for all things Edgar Allen Poe.  The pumpkins are a nice touch, and I found that the bench worked well both indoors and out.  In fact, I’m inclined to say that if you’re of a Gothic persuasion you could easily leave this set in situ all year long (without pumpkins, of course).

Adornmint Details


I love the fact that there’s a skull and some bottles with dubious contents on the shelves, and as for the bench, I really rate the fabric combination that’s been selected for the cushions.  There’s also an Adorn.Mint Gacha at the Fair, where you can win a rather nifty wee side table.  I like the thought that has gone into these tables, with some interesting tile designs selected for the table surface.  It’s well worth a punt folks.

Autumn TablesHere’s your Broomstick ride to HorrorFest! 


HORRORFEST 2013 – If you go down to the woods today..

HORRORFEST 2013 – If you go down to the woods today..


You may well encounter a rather beautiful surprise. I’m calling this my ‘Fantasy Fairy Witch-Queen ‘ ensemble, and this  post is in complete contrast to the last one, because rather than me walking around freaking everyone out with decapitations galore, I’m instead gliding around and  looking very Witchy-glam.  

HORRORFEST  2013 is actually bursting at the seams with fantastic fashion that isn’t just limited to  wearing during the Spooky Season.  I compiled this look to share with you a few amazing pieces that are available at the event, and I’ll be featuring more Horrorfest-inspired ensembles during the duration of the show, but for now let’s kick off with an absolute belter shall we?

SAKIDE is one of those brands in world that rarely puts a foot wrong, and I have many items from the store in my inventory.  I was delighted to see that they were taking part in this event, and even more so when I discovered what they were contributing.  They’ve allocated a lovely collection of wearables, the highlight for me being this astonishingly beautiful tube dress. This is the ‘Wilds Dress’ in red. The dress is incredibly on-trend, in a style that a lot of celebrities are opting for at premieres, and I’m not surprised because it is so beautiful. It’s deceptively simple; with the dress featuring a double-layered skirt that’s short underneath, but overlaid with a gauze that reaches down to the floor.  There’s a black pattern embossed onto it as well as  a thin belt defining the waist. It’s absolutely breathtaking.  Effortless really, yet works so well. I’ve teamed it with some SAKIDE leather arm-warmers which aren’t featured at the event but I found them lurking in my inventory, and whaddya know? They look spot on with the frock.



The dress isn’t the only star of this show;  feast your eyes upon this astonishing headpiece by PAPER MOON.  This is the ‘Sisters of the Moon-Sister Crow’ head-dress, and is part of a range available at Horrorfest, with other versions called ‘Sister Deer’, ‘Sister Rat’ and the charity donation item, ‘Sister Autumn’. All of them are equally amazing, but this one really spoke to me. I’ve never really been a head-gear wearer in world, but I know that plenty are, but that changed when I took one look at the quality of these. Oh my word, they are beautiful. This one features a crow skull centrepiece, framed by a pair of goats horns.  Flowers also adorn the ensemble, which is completed with a teardrop jewel hanging from the beak of the skull. A final flourish is the pearl beading, which drapes delicately upon the forehead. I didn’t need to make any fitting alterations to this at all;  it worked straight out of the box and when teamed with this LAVIERE hair that I scooped out of my inventory it just looked perfect, don’t you think?

A final item to wrap up the whole look is the collar from SOUZOU EIEN, a brand that I had never encountered before Horrorfest.   Again, like head-dresses, I’ve never really been a collar fan.  This all changed back in August when I was sent the ‘Sansa Neck Corset’ from LARK, and I’ve never looked back. ( You can read that post HERE)  Neck collars and corsets really finish an outfit in a far more substantial way than a necklace or simple tie-scarf, and not only that, they can create a drama all of their very own, as is clearly demonstrated by this ‘Elegant Throat Corset’.  Again. like the dresses and head-pieces there are a number of varieties for you to investigate at the fair, featuring lace or velveteen fabrics, but each one of them is equally worthy of your Lindens, and as you can see really does add a very classy finishing touch to an outfit.   It completes the whole ensemble that I am wearing absolutely perfectly, and  I think I look ruddy gorgeous, even if I do say so myself.  I bet you’d look just as lovely in this too!

Available at Horrorfest 2013:

‘The Wilds’ Dress in Red by SAKIDE

‘Sister Crow’ Headpiece by PAPER MOON

‘Elegant Throat Corset’ by SOUZOU EIEN

Other items: 

‘Leila Med 3’ skin by BELLEZA

‘Joana’ Hair in Soft Caramel by LAVIERE

‘Leather Armwarmers-Black’ by SAKIDE

‘Perspective Eyes-Blush’ by IKON

‘Avatar Enhancement hands-Relaxed (L)’ by SLINK

‘Classic manicure in Red’ by IZZIES

Pose from a selection by MARUKIN

Horrorfest 2013: There’s A Bat In Mi Kitchen What Am I Gonna Do?

Horrorfest 2013: There’s A Bat In Mi Kitchen What Am I Gonna Do?


Well, I’m going to stop making up silly versions of UB40 songs for a start!

Anyway, first post from Horrorfest 2013 and it’s a corker. Feast your eyes on this wee cutie!   This is Stella (no she doesn’t do tricks, I asked*)  and she is a ‘Fledermaus Batty Plush’ from SILENT SPARROW  and she is to DIE FOR! Squeeee!!!!

As with all SILENT SPARROW stuff she’s beautifully built and textured to perfection.  I really love the pattern on her fur, and she is softly coloured. She’s so squishy and cuddly and I want her desperately in real life. Check out her chops; her features are absolutely adorable!  She has lovely big flying-fox ears and is, without a doubt, the cutest bat I have ever seen.



There are some great choices available for Stella too with lots of wearing possibilities as well as static poses.

I really like the ‘Sleepy’ pose, which is the bat hanging over my hob.  ‘Flop’ is ideal for placing on a bed, and ‘Dance’ is just too cute for words, look!


But the best of all? 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Stella go towards the chosen charity, ‘Epilepsy Therapy Project’.  How can you resist?

Horrorfest 2013 starts TOMORROW.  Keep your eyes glued to the official blog for location details so you can go and splurge all your Lindens on Stella!

Right, you’ll have to excuse me, got some Guano to go and clean up. Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t add a ‘certain-something’ to casseroles…


(*If you got the obscure reference you can consider yourself very clever indeed for the rest of the day.  If you didn’t, feel free to ping me and I’ll divulge!)