HORRORFEST 2013 – I Wanna Be Adorned..

HORRORFEST 2013 – I Wanna Be Adorned..

Adornmint furniture


More HORRORFEST 2013 awesome for you to get giddy about!

This time I’m featuring ADORN.MINT’s rather delectable furniture that is available at the fair.  The picture above features the ‘Dead Man’s Bookshelf’ and ‘The Nightshade Bench’.

Both work really well and would be especially welcomed by those with a fondness for all things Edgar Allen Poe.  The pumpkins are a nice touch, and I found that the bench worked well both indoors and out.  In fact, I’m inclined to say that if you’re of a Gothic persuasion you could easily leave this set in situ all year long (without pumpkins, of course).

Adornmint Details


I love the fact that there’s a skull and some bottles with dubious contents on the shelves, and as for the bench, I really rate the fabric combination that’s been selected for the cushions.  There’s also an Adorn.Mint Gacha at the Fair, where you can win a rather nifty wee side table.  I like the thought that has gone into these tables, with some interesting tile designs selected for the table surface.  It’s well worth a punt folks.

Autumn TablesHere’s your Broomstick ride to HorrorFest! 


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