Snapshot_011I’m really starting to turn into the queen of piss-poor puns aren’t I? Ah well, I can’t be perfect ALL the time…<ahem>

For today’s Witchy Wednesday post I have a corking  collection to tell you about; the FANTASTIC ‘Eerie’ earrings and necklace available from CAE.  CAE have to be my favourite jewellery brand of the year; Caelan Hancroft crafts delicate and beautifully presented items that often incorporate features such as texture and stone change as standard.  The necklaces are super-easy to resize too.

Discovering this ‘Eerie’ set was a real treat for me, because even though it’s obviously aimed at the Halloween market, it can be worn all year round should you so wish. In fact, it’s nice to have a change from wearing a pentacle.  As much as I adore them (and have zillions in both real and Second Life) it’s good to have something a little different to wear and subtly declare your Witchy affiliations.

eerie-necklace-vendor-webThe strength of Eerie lies in the 8 charms to select from; Owl, Pumpkin, Ghost, Cat, Spider, Crescent Moon, Bat and Witch’s Hat.  There’s a choice of Gold or Silver metals via HUD.

 I am absolutely LOVING this set and will get tons of wear out of it. You can purchase the earrings for L$395, and the necklace for L$495 from the Marketplace.  Thanks for creating such a natty collection Caelan! 

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