Kitty Quicky – Limited Bazaar

Kitty Quicky – Limited Bazaar

Snapshot_004A Kitty Quicky for you: Run, don’t walk and get yourself to the ‘Limited Bazaar’ for some original and limited, obviously, fashion items.

I spied this epic E-CLIPSE ‘Hester’ top on Heidi Volare’s  wonderful ‘The Fashionable Heart’ blog, and zoomed on over to check it out for myself.

Fortunately there are a few left, so I opted for this lovely ‘Terra’ version of the top, which is sort of a cowl-necked jumper and shirt all rolled into one. It’s really lovely; I teamed mine with shorts for a casual look while I romp about in the woods, whereas Heidi opted for a smarter look with hers. Either way it’s a cracking find and very cheap too, so you really ought to go and buy one before they sell out!

CLICK HERE to go and get yours!


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