HORRORFEST 2013 – Drag Me To Hell!



Well, if not quite hell, then surely to the land of lost socks, dust bunnies and discarded sweetie wrappers!

I had a lot of fun with the PHOTO TONIC ‘Fright Night’ set that enabled me to pose this picture.   Photo Tonic have contributed a number of themed pose-sets to the Horrorfest event, including the Vampiric ‘Blood Lust’ set, as well as a  pose-prop set called ‘Monsters Under The Bed’, which includes an actual bed.  It’s really effective, but I opted to use this pose, ‘Haunted 3’ (from the ‘Fright Night’ set, as preciously mentioned) and my own bed for this shot.  

(Kittytip: For added scares in your pictures, get the free ‘Anypose Expression Hud’ from the marketplace and use it to increase the chill-factor in your shots!) 

The Photo Tonic pose sets can be found at Horrorfest 2013, click HERE to visit! 

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