Drifting Into Autumn

Drifting Into Autumn



DRIFT has released some lovely knit frocks for the Autumn season.  

The shape of this dress is one that a number of designers are using in their work at the moment, and I really like what people are doing with it. I’ve seen it Gothed-up courtesy of  SAKIDE, and now it’s been given a lovely warm knit texture, courtesy of DRIFT.  There are five colourways available for this ‘Solid Knit’ dress; I’m sporting the gold knit for this shot taken in the wonderful skybox decorated by Editorial Clarity-Flux, subject of a previous blog post. If you haven’t visited yet you really must! 


Incidentally there are matching  and co-ordinating ‘Solid Knit’ leggings available too which may be worn with the dresses or mixed into different outfits.  I’m wearing it with the outstanding  ‘Harley’ hairstyle from TRUTH (please make more styles like this!)  along with the GLAM AFFAIR ‘Vera’ skin which has been getting a LOT of press, and rightly so, because it is simply divine.

Here’s your LM to DRIFT. 

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