This is an absolutely FABULOUS edition of Love To Decorate, which has totally established itself in 2014 as Second Life’s premier homes and interiors publication. It’s an absolute sensation on every single page with hundreds, if not thousands of decorating ideas. Just because this is a virtual magazine, don’t be fooled into thinking that it has virtual production values too-the layout of the pages and the photographs featured within are astonishing.

I really love that when I’m reading LTD I may spot something that I already own in Second Life, but it’s been presented in a different way. For example, in this edition there’s a feature on fireplaces which has totally got me changing my ideas about how mine is decorated, or at least will be for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas; the table settings and design ideas featured in this issue are just breath taking.  I could never aspire to this kind of luxury in real life, but I can in Second Life; a prospect that I really relish. I’m sure all the content creators featured this month will see a very welcome spike in their profits as the holiday season approaches!

I’m off to get a mug of hot chocolate and I’m going to curl up with my Ipad and read LOVE TO DECORATE from cover to cover. Why not join me?

Drifting Into Autumn



DRIFT has released some lovely knit frocks for the Autumn season.  

The shape of this dress is one that a number of designers are using in their work at the moment, and I really like what people are doing with it. I’ve seen it Gothed-up courtesy of  SAKIDE, and now it’s been given a lovely warm knit texture, courtesy of DRIFT.  There are five colourways available for this ‘Solid Knit’ dress; I’m sporting the gold knit for this shot taken in the wonderful skybox decorated by Editorial Clarity-Flux, subject of a previous blog post. If you haven’t visited yet you really must! 


Incidentally there are matching  and co-ordinating ‘Solid Knit’ leggings available too which may be worn with the dresses or mixed into different outfits.  I’m wearing it with the outstanding  ‘Harley’ hairstyle from TRUTH (please make more styles like this!)  along with the GLAM AFFAIR ‘Vera’ skin which has been getting a LOT of press, and rightly so, because it is simply divine.

Here’s your LM to DRIFT. 


There are some brilliant blogs that cover Second Life homes and interiors, but for me the ultimate read is ‘Love To Decorate’, a blog about virtual homes and interiors from Editorial Clarity-Flux. 

If I’m ever in need of design inspiration for my virtual home, or just fancy an epic ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ session at beautiful photographs of Second Life interiors, then Editorial’s blog is my first point of call.

It’s clear as you study Editorial’s blog that he is a design genius. Some people are gifted with a great eye when it comes to design; they know how best to decorate and illuminate, to compare and contrast. They understand the colours and fabrics that will work, and the ones that won’t. They can get the very best out of a space, be it the size of a cupboard or a football field. Some people just know, and Editorial Clarity-Flux is in that elite group for sure. 

One of the things I love about Editorial’s work is that I learn so much from it. I believe that  my ability to select and place furnishings  has increased ten-fold since I started to read his blog. But Editorial is a chap who inspires in so many ways in Second Life.  Editorial is one of the team behind STAND4LOVE for example, a project I’m incredibly proud to have contributed to myself.

I admit I envy his skills; I would love to be able to dare to throw caution to the wind when it comes to my own interior landscape. Of course Second Life is the perfect place to experiment and develop your interior design skills, and it’s evident that Editorial’s style is continually evolving, and he isn’t afraid to acknowledge that.  Nor is he afraid to take chances, and I LOVE THAT about him. For example, his latest decorating project is a skybox, something he confesses that he hasn’t worked with before, but after visiting it in person earlier I can guarantee his skybox styling skills will be in demand!

He’s filled the space to the brim with colourful furniture and accessories and it works flawlessly.  I love the way that he’s dared to retexture walls with patterns (I spy Gustav Klimt!) which could make a skybox feel completely overwhelmed, yet with his expert touch he’s able to do this and make it work. It’s a lesson in interior design that’s so much more beneficial than any diagram or colour-wheel could ever be.

Until Saturday you can experience the location for yourself because Editorial is kindly hosting an open house, meaning you can pop by and study his endeavors at close quarters. (The great thing about SL Open Houses is that you’re able to discover new content-creators and brands that you didn’t have any knowledge of before. For example, I’ve discovered ‘The Arctic Greenhouse’ is a great place for environmental landscaping and potted plants.  I hadn’t heard of them today until I visited Editorial’s skybox!)

Back to the blog, and something else that I absolutely adore about it is that he is so open about his Second Life experience and how it benefits him.  This openness is so honest and refreshing, and I really admire him for it.  Many aren’t as forthcoming, yet as Draxtor’s work has proved there are just as many of us out there who are willing to share how Second Life has enhanced our real lives and helped us develop real-life skills.

But back to the blog. Love To Decorate is a feast for the eyes, and I beseech you to go and visit it right away. It’s the blog-equivalent of an expensive box of chocolates.  It will make you feel warm and fuzzy and satisfied, but pretty soon you’ll find that you want more.  Also, I think that it’s only fair to warn you that  the location photography will make you want to go shopping, but that’s not a bad thing in my opinion.  There’s even a Flickr group that will help you get your virtual home-fix too.

Indulge yourself in Editorial’s blog, and go and visit the open house while you can. Surround yourself, no, better still, immerse yourself in his vision of Second Life. You’ll come away inspired, and with a new found urge to create, and I’m eternally grateful for his stimulating lead.  

Thank you so much Editorial for your blog and your work in our virtual world, and may it lead you to equally rewarding projects in the real one!

UPDATE: Editorial’s opened his books, if you fancy having your home styled by an expert (don’t we all?)  you MUST click here!!