This is an absolutely FABULOUS edition of Love To Decorate, which has totally established itself in 2014 as Second Life’s premier homes and interiors publication. It’s an absolute sensation on every single page with hundreds, if not thousands of decorating ideas. Just because this is a virtual magazine, don’t be fooled into thinking that it has virtual production values too-the layout of the pages and the photographs featured within are astonishing.

I really love that when I’m reading LTD I may spot something that I already own in Second Life, but it’s been presented in a different way. For example, in this edition there’s a feature on fireplaces which has totally got me changing my ideas about how mine is decorated, or at least will be for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas; the table settings and design ideas featured in this issue are just breath taking.  I could never aspire to this kind of luxury in real life, but I can in Second Life; a prospect that I really relish. I’m sure all the content creators featured this month will see a very welcome spike in their profits as the holiday season approaches!

I’m off to get a mug of hot chocolate and I’m going to curl up with my Ipad and read LOVE TO DECORATE from cover to cover. Why not join me?

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