No lashes, no eyeliner (GULP!) no hair, no piercings, and absolutely no post-processing.

Just bare-faced Kitty.

Here’s my submission for the #SLBareFaceChallenge. If anything it just shows how ruddy stunning this Nar Mattaru ‘Zoe’ skin really is, don’t you think?

If you want to do your own snap, here are the instructions:

#SLBareFaceChallenge: To participate simply post a photo of your avatar no lashes, no makeup, no enhancements and no PS!

Challenge started by Genkai Tesla.

It’s quite interesting to see how our avatars look stripped back; I’ve not seen Kitty like this for absolutely years so it’s a surprise, but a nice one!

Go on, give it a go! Looking for more inspiration? Here’s Gogo from JuicyBomb looking sublime…

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