A few weeks ago I blogged some cracking reads for you all.  Well, it’s a cold weekend in November, so if you ask me it’s time to settle down again for a nice relaxing read, although to be honest, the first read will probably have you hot under the collar! I’m talking about the latest edition of L’HOMME MAGAZINE To be honest this HAS to be one of the best Second Life magazines out there; every page is just utterly sumptuous and the styling, editing and photography are second to none. It makes no difference if you aren’t a male avatar either, or have no association with one, just open the magazine and enjoy every single frame. It is absolutely delicious. (Also, page 20,  Hikaru Enimo, that’s all I’m saying..OOF!) Tuck a bib into your collar, this is indeed a droolworthy read!


Hope you have a cup of tea and a pile of digestives to enjoy as you flick through the pages of the latest edition of THE BEST OF SECOND LIFE MAGAZINE. As usual it’s choc-full of fabulous articles and images, with a great feature this month about SL Media, including SL Live Radio (which I knew nothing about until I started reading, and now I’m happily listening to the stream in real life as I dunk biscuits and flick pages!). Just like L’HOMME you’ll find some stunning imagery too, none more so than on pages 50-61, where there’s a feature article about nudity in-world. Last but not least I really love the interiors article from Arya Braveheart which features a beautiful rural English abode.  It reminded me of some houses close-by to where I live in RL (but alas, could never afford! The joys of the virtual world eh?) (In case you were wondering, I did try to embed BOSL on this page but it didn’t want to play nice, so just follow the link instead to enjoy:)

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