I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if an event is worth doing it is worth doing well. As regular readers know I’ve written about my dislike for half-hearted events on these pages more than once (I’m very repetitive) and I still stand by that statement. Events require effort, planning and most of all they require PASSION. The events that fail are the ones where the motivation was making a few Lindens, rather than getting together and actually creating something awesome in Second Life. But if you succeed, well that’s a different story altogether.


I think the GEEKS ‘N’ NERDS FAIR 2014 will be absolutely pigging huge, because the effort that has gone into creating the setting is plain for all to see. Guys it’s pretty fabulous, a space age shopping metropolis that you access from a tube station, with nods to all things Sci-Fi and Geeky dotted around. There’s even a spaceship, some shady looking newspaper vendors (they were asking for socks for some reason..) and a coffee house that sells really ‘fowl’ lattes..


This is going to be a fab place to take pictures but of course I know what you’re thinking, what about the content?! When I visited earlier (Blogger preview day, waheeyy!) about 40% of the vendors hadn’t set up shop yet, but what I did see I absolutely adored. This is one occasion NOT to miss, and I predict it’s going to be packed. There were fabulous desks and chairs, brilliant home accessories that will really enliven your living space along with fashion, hair and skins. It’s a veritable banquet on a stick of geekery, and the references are there for all to see. Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Star Trek, Harry Potter..all the big names are covered with lots of designers contributing their takes on these brands (whilst being incredibly careful about copyrights, naturally)

Stores that will be in this round of Geeks’n’Nerds include:

Boom – Consignment – Culprit -Diesel Works – Exposeur – Every Pixel is Art (EPIA) – Fate Play – Fishy Strawberry – Junbug – Lark – Tea S. – Wimey –  22769 – Cheeky Pea- Wasabi Pills – Sweet Thing – Hopscotch – *Katat0nik* – !Bang Poses – TSG – Kalopsia – Elephante Poses – Bella Elephante – Frogstar- Pixel Mode – .:Buttery Toast:, – Alouette – ieQED – [the Skinnery] – Sari-Sari – Peqe – Noodles – Miseria – Lassitude & Ennui – Blueberry Hill – |CerberusXing| – Breath – Moon – Lumae – Pure Poison – Due – Haste – Decoy – Unrepentant – xin. Second Spaces – B.C.C. – Convair – Damselfly Hair – [Fetch] – Double Take – Floorplan. – Nani – .Arcadia. – ANE – Orion – Alice Project – – Cannibelle – Random Matter – Distorted Dreams – Lost Junction – Cae – L. Warkwick Handmade Shoes – Oyasumi – .Storybook. – Forever Famous – Atooly – Casita – .{yumyums}. Kaleidoscope – Brixley – Luminary – Hate This – The Secret Store – Snips & Snails – Razzberry Inc. – The Hive  Altair* – Trinket 

So, what did I spot on my quick visit? Well, let’s be honest, YOU NEED ONE OF THESE:


Yup, it’s a cat on a Roomba. Ever heard of Max Arthur and Pit-Bull Sharky? Those guys are some of the original internet pioneers of cute, and Max Arthur is the cat that started the whole Roomba-cat movement off. (My friend in RL has bought one of these JUST SO she can try and get at least ONE of her six cats to do a Max Arthur and sit on it. It’s slow progress..)  Luckily,you don’t need to train your kitty in real life, just invest in one of these ‘Prrrmbah Cats’ from CULPRIT and watch it zoom around in a mad and happy fashion!


Yup, ‘Prrrmbah Cat’. It’s INSANE. Mesh cats in costumes or with flying goggles and scarves zooming around all over the place.

I was laughing hysterically at these and it’s really hard to choose which one to have. They’re L$300 apiece, so NOT cheap, but hella worth it for the guaranteed laughs and nonsense, and of course the continued cleanliness of your virtual abode.

These cats are sure to be some of the stars of GEEKS’N’NERDS 2014 when it opens at the stroke of midnight on the 24th. Keep your eyes glued to the official blog for location details and keep one of your other eyes on this blog, because I’ll be featuring more items from the show this week, because it’s rather chuffing brilliant:)

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