Kitty Picks Four: SWEATERS

Kitty Picks Four: SWEATERS


Make no mistake, the seasons have changed, and it’s cold out there folks.

In RL I’ve been battling an especially nasty cold/flu/plague, and have taken to wearing as many layers as possible all at once. Along with scarf, Slanket and hot water bottle too!

But in many ways I don’t mind the cold really because I really love wrapping up warm with lots of scrummy, woolly layers, scarves, gloves and hats. In fact, as I write this I have a jumper, hoody and a scarf on, but I am full of germs, aacchhoo!

I just cannot live without a blooming good jumper, and there are plenty to be found at various locations across the grid.  What defines a good sweater in Second Life? In my opinion shape is everything; a jumper has to look bulky in all the right places, with creasing and gathering adding depth to the texture. If it’s a cable-knit, look at the way the pattern has been applied to the template; open weaves can look messy on closer-inspection if the texture hasn’t been carefully added. Just like in RL, you get what you pay for when it comes to Second Life winter fashion.

I’m always on the lookout for a winter woolly, and here are four of my favourites…

sweater season_005

I  LOVE the colour of this sweater.  This is my favourite colour in real life,  and I was delighted to find this jumper in SL courtesy of ISON.   This is the ‘Angora Sweater’ in Plum. It fits like an absolute dream, and the texture really does make you feel like you’re wearing a very fluffy sweater. Remember what I said about shape and shading? This is a great example of how to do it well, even when you’re adding a really tricky texture. It’s adorable, and even more so when punked up with statement jewellery and eyeliner.  It’s an essential for your winter wardrobe, and perfect for layering. Even better there are 8 different colours available at a mere L$165 a pop, with a fat-pack at L$995.  I’ve *never* had a duff purchase from ISON, and it’s once of those stores that once you discover it you’ll wonder how you managed without!

sweater season_002

Another cat sweater, this time a knit that is fun and funky and yup, I’d wear this in real life too! This is from FRANKIE (formerly known as IMBUE)  and I really like it. The texture looks good up close, and the cat pattern is pretty funny. (It carries over onto the back of the sweater too.)  I added shorts and hooped-earrings for a casual, street wise look. The sweater is available in four shades at L$95 a pop. There are a few other cat-themed items in the store as well, and I really enjoyed my visit there. The store is well-styled and there’s a great ambiance to it.  My only issue is that a few things I’ve purchased from the store haven’t fit as well as I would have liked, but I had no problems with this sweater at all.  Oh, and be warned;  I couldn’t stop singing ‘Frankie’ by Sister Sledge once I’d visited, and trust me, that didn’t do my cold symptoms any good at all.

jumper 6

The ‘Simple Long Rope Sweater’ from U.F.O. is anything but.  This is a cable-knit jumper and a half, and looks incredibly warm and snug. What I really like about this is the detailing on the sleeves; open loops of wool that add depth and ‘bite’ to the surface of this creation. The texture is satisfying to look at too; zoom in and the details are in all the right places, just as you would expect from this brand which has a lot of fans in-world. And rightfully so, it’s a great label, successfully combining  fresh Japanese styling with classic shapes and patterns.  There are eleven different styles of this jumper in store; some featuring solid colour like the one I am wearing, and others with patterns applied.  There are also shorter versions too; but I like my big baggy bum-covering jumpers in-world and out! The sweater costs L$260 making it a bit pricey, but it’s very well made so worth every Linden.

Snapshot 21

Last but not least, I had to include this Viking Cat sweater that I’ve had lurking in my inventory for an age. I added some ‘specs-appeal’ and geeked this look up a little, but unfortunately I cannot find this sweater on sale anymore. But I like it so you’ll just have to gaze longingly at me dressed in it..ahem! (Note to self, check product availability BEFORE you take photos for blog post..)

So readers, time to get your woolly on! Why not share with us your favourite places to find jumpers, sweaters and all things snuggly in the comments below? Looking forward to seeing your suggestions so I can add to my collection!




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