So Much GEEK!!!!

So the Geeks And Nerds Fair, a hugely anticipated event, has finally hit the grid, and it is rather good indeed.  If you’re a proud Geek or Nerd in real life then you will really appreciate the time and effort that has gone into producing this event, and the quality products that you’ll find on […]


Kitty Picks Four: SWEATERS

Make no mistake, the seasons have changed, and it’s cold out there folks. In RL I’ve been battling an especially nasty cold/flu/plague, and have taken to wearing as many layers as possible all at once. Along with scarf, Slanket and hot water bottle too! But in many ways I don’t mind the cold really because […]


Kitty Goes RAVING!!!! (Again!)

So the Pet Shop Boys ‘Electric album came out this week, and it’s getting rave reviews. I utterly adore it, but there’s one track in particular that really resonates with me…    The track ‘Vocal’ features a video compiled of footage taken at early 1990’s raves. You know it’s 25 years since the second Summer […]