Mistress Kitty & Her Famous Fortune Parlour…

Mistress Kitty And Her Fortune Parlour...

TAG GACHA has begun and the theme is ‘The Side Show’.  It’s an absolute must visit if you like twisted clowns, bearded ladies and especially ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show‘.  The location is incredibly well-styled and evocative so be sure to take a few snaps as you begin your Tag Gacha game. It’s incredibly enjoyable and I was chuffed to win the ISON rare; this turn of the century style dress that comes complete with a HUD of different colours. It’s rather evocative and reminded me of Eva Green’s fabulous turn in ‘Penny Dreadful’. I’m also wearing the latest skin from ZOUL CREATIONS in this shot, called ‘Chloe’, and like every release from Shantia Soulstar she’s a joy to wear and style.  (I’ll talk more about her in a future post because you can’t really see her properly on this snap). My hair is by MINA from KUSTOM 9 and really does add a turn of the century vibe to this shot.


Click here to begin your TAG GACHA game!  (Instructions here)

Witchy Wednesdays: ISON @ THE ARCADE

We haven’t had a Witchy Wednesday for a short while, but this one is a cracker!

I’ve spoken about my love for ISON on these pages before, so I was delighted to read that they would be contributing to this round of THE ARCADE.  I wondered what fashionable delights they would have on offer and eagerly awaited a peek at their wares. Imagine my surprise then when I saw this astonishing decor as their contribution!


There are nine pieces in this ‘Altar’ set with no rares to worry about, and as you can see it’s pretty fantastic. There’s lots of lovely detail to admire in these mesh pieces which are realistically aged in all the right places. I love the bottles of herbs for spells, the small cauldron-esque bowl with contents ripe for smudging and the pentacle with the horns really looks the part doesn’t it?  But it’s the altar table itself that has really bowled me over; it’s gorgeous, with a Triquetra carved into the front in an ornate style..don’t you just adore this entire set? WOW!

This is a great addition to your Second Life witchy home and of course you can add items to the table to fine tune it into your perfect altar environment. I really love this and  I haven’t seen any mesh altars out in world at all up until now, so it’s a pleasure to feature one on these pages, and at L$50 a pop the ISON gacha is one of the cheapest at the event.  (Plus because there are no rares you should find this an easy set to complete via the gift of yardsales) Oh the joy The Arcade brings!

Click HERE to try getting in to THE ARCADE or click HERE for a comprehensive Yardsale list, courtesy of Seraphim SL

So Much GEEK!!!!

So the Geeks And Nerds Fair, a hugely anticipated event, has finally hit the grid, and it is rather good indeed.  If you’re a proud Geek or Nerd in real life then you will really appreciate the time and effort that has gone into producing this event, and the quality products that you’ll find on sale. There’s a predominately Sci-Fi vibe to the event, with nods to Star Wars and Doctor Who, as well as the obligatory Harry Potter inclusions and a few old school references as well. 

I’m a total Geek so wasn’t really paying much attention to the Nerdy stuff  but I can vouch that Nerds are well accommodated here, although the event seems to be predominately Whovian, which is to be expected because it began during the Doctor Who 50th weekend.  I sure as hell ain’t complaining! You’ll find all sorts of Who-related gubbins, from Tardis teapots, to necklaces as well as the celebrated range of Whovian inspired outfits from Damien Fate. If you want to be Doctors 11 and 12, or the companions Rose Tyler and Amy Pond, then at last , courtesy of Damien’s mad mesh skills, you can be.  Damien’s costumes are fantastic re-imaginings of the clothing worn in the show and the ladies outfits in particular stand up to being worn in their own right. They’re pricey, but if you’re a committed Doctor Who fan these outfits are essential additions  to your wardrobe.

This is quite a compact event , ripe for photographs (look out for the Dalek and K9!) and I came home laden with goodies.  I particularly loved SECOND SPACES array of power strips and cables, joypads, cartridges and the Tardis pencil-holder. MISH MISH have produced two fantastic collectibles based on famous, nay, iconic Sci-Fi characters for the event, Mr. Spoon (NOT the guy from ‘Button Moon’) and Princess Donut. The best thing about these is they look just as awesome in their packaging as they do out! Something else that I really love is the  ‘Bird Nerd’ set from LARK.  As usual, Sienia has failed to disappoint with her creations and has used beautiful textures in her work. These have been applied with a delicate touch, which has added to the realism of this set. Everything a bird watcher would have in their fancy is included; Binoculars, field guide, calendar, and other assorted bird-watching finery, including an astonishingly pretty desk.ISON clothing are well represented at the event too. and the Wookie bag. I have raved about ISON before on these pages, and guess what, I’m doing so again. They’re selling a sweater/shirt combo at the event that you can manage via a hud. This means that you can change the shirt textures, and also choose to display an embossed logo on the chest area of your sweater. It’s fantastic; no issues when worn and fits straight out of the box, which is exactly what you need! I’ve never had any issues with ISON clothing and I don’t think I ever will, they’re just such a good brand:) Finally  you MUST check out Elephante poses at the event. They’re super-creative, enabling you to suggest motion perfectly in your snaps. There are a number of pose-packs from Elephante (and other equally awesome pose-makers) at the event but I must draw your attention to the ‘When We Were Young’ pack which I am using for these images.  These are Gacha winnings and evoke whimsy beautifully. You can take a cheeky peak at all of these items and more by checking out the Seraphim coverage of the event.


Finally, while we’re on a Geeks & Nerds trip, Strawberry Singh’s weekly Meme challenge was all about the same subject this week.  Here are my answers!

1. What do you consider yourself to be? Geek? Nerd? Dork? None of the above? All of the above? I’m a Geek for sure; but there is also a nerdy side to me too. I adore History, and Archaeology, especially Ancient History. Egyptology is probable my favourite topic, and I pay an annual pilgrimage to the British Museum to get my history fix. (This year we saw an exhibition there about Herculaneum and Pompei which was pretty spectacular.)

2. What was the first computer you ever owned? The first computer I ever owned was a Toshiba MSX! It was BRILLIANT, but was a bit of a niche item in the UK. MSX never really caught on like Spectrum and Commodore, which was a shame because it was pretty superb for the time graphically if I recall correctly!) I used to buy MSX magazines and my Father and I would code in the games . It would take an afternoon to type in all the code and by the end all we would have achieved would be a crappy tank rolling across the screen, but it was a huge bonding experience. I used to buy my games on tape from a market stall on Chesterfield market. They were Mastertronic games,  and I’d zoom home happily to insert them into my tape recorder and play them.  To think, these days kids won’t experience the joy of loading a game from tape. Remember the sound it made? “Deeee-doop. Deeee-dodopdkddopdkdpskspsss….” There was nothing worse than waiting ten minutes for a game to load only for it to crash as well…

 3.When and how did you first get on the internet?  I think I first got onto the internet in 1996. I had a website and my own domain at one point that I just used to stick crappy photos and shitty gifs on! I used to use a program called ‘Pirch’ for IRC chat, and would spend my evenings chatting to people all over the world on that.

 4. Which Geek fandom do you subscribe to?  LOTS of them! I love Sci-Fi, and am a huge fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who,  Battlestar Galactica and Fringe. I also adore The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad. I collect comics and Catwoman figurines, as well as erm…My Little Pony plushies!  In fact I love so many things it’s scary! I wear tees and hoodies that declare my love to all around me and I am a very proud 40 year-old geek indeed.

 5.Star Wars or Star Trek?

Are you kidding me?! BOTH!!!!!

 6. How Geeky are you? Apparently I’m 74% Geek, and I’m quite chuffed by that result because it was a tough quiz! I don’t think I’ll ever change, indeed I hope that I don’t. I love being a geek and being passionate about it, even though it really can be very alienating. (never has a phrase been more apt!) Mind you, I live with a Geek.  My fella collects Arcade Machines and is a World Champion after all, so I doubt that I’ll ever change!

Kitty Picks Four: SWEATERS


Make no mistake, the seasons have changed, and it’s cold out there folks.

In RL I’ve been battling an especially nasty cold/flu/plague, and have taken to wearing as many layers as possible all at once. Along with scarf, Slanket and hot water bottle too!

But in many ways I don’t mind the cold really because I really love wrapping up warm with lots of scrummy, woolly layers, scarves, gloves and hats. In fact, as I write this I have a jumper, hoody and a scarf on, but I am full of germs, aacchhoo!

I just cannot live without a blooming good jumper, and there are plenty to be found at various locations across the grid.  What defines a good sweater in Second Life? In my opinion shape is everything; a jumper has to look bulky in all the right places, with creasing and gathering adding depth to the texture. If it’s a cable-knit, look at the way the pattern has been applied to the template; open weaves can look messy on closer-inspection if the texture hasn’t been carefully added. Just like in RL, you get what you pay for when it comes to Second Life winter fashion.

I’m always on the lookout for a winter woolly, and here are four of my favourites…

sweater season_005

I  LOVE the colour of this sweater.  This is my favourite colour in real life,  and I was delighted to find this jumper in SL courtesy of ISON.   This is the ‘Angora Sweater’ in Plum. It fits like an absolute dream, and the texture really does make you feel like you’re wearing a very fluffy sweater. Remember what I said about shape and shading? This is a great example of how to do it well, even when you’re adding a really tricky texture. It’s adorable, and even more so when punked up with statement jewellery and eyeliner.  It’s an essential for your winter wardrobe, and perfect for layering. Even better there are 8 different colours available at a mere L$165 a pop, with a fat-pack at L$995.  I’ve *never* had a duff purchase from ISON, and it’s once of those stores that once you discover it you’ll wonder how you managed without!

sweater season_002

Another cat sweater, this time a knit that is fun and funky and yup, I’d wear this in real life too! This is from FRANKIE (formerly known as IMBUE)  and I really like it. The texture looks good up close, and the cat pattern is pretty funny. (It carries over onto the back of the sweater too.)  I added shorts and hooped-earrings for a casual, street wise look. The sweater is available in four shades at L$95 a pop. There are a few other cat-themed items in the store as well, and I really enjoyed my visit there. The store is well-styled and there’s a great ambiance to it.  My only issue is that a few things I’ve purchased from the store haven’t fit as well as I would have liked, but I had no problems with this sweater at all.  Oh, and be warned;  I couldn’t stop singing ‘Frankie’ by Sister Sledge once I’d visited, and trust me, that didn’t do my cold symptoms any good at all.

jumper 6

The ‘Simple Long Rope Sweater’ from U.F.O. is anything but.  This is a cable-knit jumper and a half, and looks incredibly warm and snug. What I really like about this is the detailing on the sleeves; open loops of wool that add depth and ‘bite’ to the surface of this creation. The texture is satisfying to look at too; zoom in and the details are in all the right places, just as you would expect from this brand which has a lot of fans in-world. And rightfully so, it’s a great label, successfully combining  fresh Japanese styling with classic shapes and patterns.  There are eleven different styles of this jumper in store; some featuring solid colour like the one I am wearing, and others with patterns applied.  There are also shorter versions too; but I like my big baggy bum-covering jumpers in-world and out! The sweater costs L$260 making it a bit pricey, but it’s very well made so worth every Linden.

Snapshot 21

Last but not least, I had to include this Viking Cat sweater that I’ve had lurking in my inventory for an age. I added some ‘specs-appeal’ and geeked this look up a little, but unfortunately I cannot find this sweater on sale anymore. But I like it so you’ll just have to gaze longingly at me dressed in it..ahem! (Note to self, check product availability BEFORE you take photos for blog post..)

So readers, time to get your woolly on! Why not share with us your favourite places to find jumpers, sweaters and all things snuggly in the comments below? Looking forward to seeing your suggestions so I can add to my collection!