Kitty’s Luxebox Review: March 2017

Kitty’s Luxebox Review: March 2017

This month’s LUXEBOX  is really a bit of a corker.  Being on a limited budget,  I’ve had to be careful with the subscription box purchases that I make in-world ( the only one that I ABSOLUTELY must have is Powder Pack.  Oh, and Bishbox! Argh, see that’s two already!) so I haven’t purchased a Luxebox for a few months, but I’m so glad I have done this month! Why? Well, watch the videos to find out.

In Part One,  I talk about the releases from Ison, Azuchi, Foxes and Tres Blah. It’s professionally done, as all of my videos are.. ( No it isn’t, it’s an absolute farce but I care not a jot, I have so much fun doing these!) (I’ll add parts two and three once they’re uploaded!)

Here’s Part Two, where I try on Stories & Co, Teefy, Lamb and Moon’s contributions (they’re all rather fab!)

In Part Three I talk about the builds from Tarte and Scarlet Creative, and the lambs from Mish Mish that are squeeable!  I think it was a really great Luxebox this month, what did you think?

She’s Just Being Riley!

She’s Just Being Riley!

Oh She's Just being Riley...I’m keeping my looks pretty simple at the moment; no tattoos or anything uber fancy. Sometimes simple is enough you know? In fact it’s nice to let the skins speak for themselves, and that’s precisely what I’m trying to do here with ‘Riley’ the latest from AMARA BEAUTY.

Like their previous release, ‘Amelia’, there’s a freckle option and I’ve kept it. It adds a sort of vintage feel to this look made even more awesome by this excellent JUST BECAUSE dress and this cracking LAMB hair from the latest  round of THE ARCADE. I’ve not blogged about THE ARCADE yet, suffice to say it’s a pretty good round indeed and unfortunately it’s supplemented my cat addiction, yeah, thanks for that MUTRESSE! (Pictures of skybox cat havoc will be forthcoming imminently!)

I’m loving the HUD for this skin, yet again, Shantia’s nailed it with the amount of eye shadow options and lip colours in the HUD. The on/off button is there for freckles too, along with multiple shades for brow, along with a no brow option and a tintable one too.
Back to the happy snap- I’m trying to add more depth to my pictures by playing around with shadow settings. It really does make a difference, although I find that the windlight settings are a bit dark. To add a little light to the important bits I resort to adding that most reviled of Second Life accessories- A FACE LIGHT! *Gasp!* The horror! If you weren’t around in the old days these things were reviled, as basically they turned you into face-melting beacons of doom, and were the most unsubtle of lighting tools. Times have changed though, and the one that I’m sporting actually comes with the LELUTKA ‘Stella’ mesh head. I don’t see the problem with them for snaps, provided you remember to take them off before you leave your platform and mooch about in public.

I think I look like I should be chewing gum, riding a bicycle and drinking milkshakes in a 1950’s diner. Here’s your shopping list!

Kitty Wears:

SKIN: AMARA BEAUTY ‘RILEY’ CATWA applier /MAITREYA body applier in 03 Peach (no make-up options worn, kept this plain and simple)  WE ❤ ROLEPLAY  (Kitty wears this on Catwa ‘Gwen’ mesh head)

EYES: IKON ‘Sovereign’ eyes in ‘Field’


DRESS: JUST BECAUSE ‘Zoey’ tee dress in grey

HAIR: LAMB ‘Loomer’ (Variety/Ombre/Eccentric) THE ARCADE

NOSE RING: KUNST ‘Septum Keeper’ (Right)

Windlight setting: Shadows-Bright Day/Face Lamp used by LELUTKA (comes with ‘Stella’ mesh head)/Pose: MARUKIN – (Clinic) Black Eyed

You’ve been a very NAUGHTY avatar…

You’ve been a very NAUGHTY avatar…

I’ve gone all scholastic in this look featuring a rather delicious skin from Mango Mango which costs just L$69 today!! It’s called Vamp and is absolutely stunning, I can’t actually get over how beautiful the skin is for the money, and you’re going to see me wearing it a lot in the coming posts.

I’m also wearing an outfit that to be honest I wouldn’t normally wear, but I actually cannot resist this blouse with it’s funky ruffle and the high waisted skirt. They’re by 5th & Oxford and they are just divine, both the ‘Jori’ skirt and the blouse are available in a myriad of colours and make for lots of mix ‘n’ match happy.  I think they look perfect with the glasses and hair and the whole image is very preppy. Right, you’d better have an apple waiting for me or there’s going to be trouble!

5th & Oxford Jori blouse in Bone
5th & Oxford Jori Skirt in Twig
Slink Eyescream Eyes Flecked Ocean small
Lamb Soma hair in Kitkat
A&M Armwarmers in Black
Deco Cat’s Meow glasses in Black

Skin is Vamp-today’s 69L Hump Day Happy from Mango Mango



..and I’ve called this one ‘Smokin’ because it’s a tad less in your face…Well, apart from the fact you can see my nips!

Anyway, imagine this hairstyle with an outfit from Ivalde;perfect for a 1940’s look don’t you think? Yet it’s versatile enough to work with this less refined outfit too (Well, not really an outfit to be fair, more of a bit of net with some armholes in it. I’ll catch my death!)

The colours in the pack are called ‘Butterfinger’ for the blonde, and ‘Ugly Red Lipstick’ for the red, obviously. I’m wearing both with the bang fringe options. I think you should indulge…

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