She’s Just Being Riley!

Oh She's Just being Riley...I’m keeping my looks pretty simple at the moment; no tattoos or anything uber fancy. Sometimes simple is enough you know? In fact it’s nice to let the skins speak for themselves, and that’s precisely what I’m trying to do here with ‘Riley’ the latest from AMARA BEAUTY.

Like their previous release, ‘Amelia’, there’s a freckle option and I’ve kept it. It adds a sort of vintage feel to this look made even more awesome by this excellent JUST BECAUSE dress and this cracking LAMB hair from the latest  round of THE ARCADE. I’ve not blogged about THE ARCADE yet, suffice to say it’s a pretty good round indeed and unfortunately it’s supplemented my cat addiction, yeah, thanks for that MUTRESSE! (Pictures of skybox cat havoc will be forthcoming imminently!)

I’m loving the HUD for this skin, yet again, Shantia’s nailed it with the amount of eye shadow options and lip colours in the HUD. The on/off button is there for freckles too, along with multiple shades for brow, along with a no brow option and a tintable one too.
Back to the happy snap- I’m trying to add more depth to my pictures by playing around with shadow settings. It really does make a difference, although I find that the windlight settings are a bit dark. To add a little light to the important bits I resort to adding that most reviled of Second Life accessories- A FACE LIGHT! *Gasp!* The horror! If you weren’t around in the old days these things were reviled, as basically they turned you into face-melting beacons of doom, and were the most unsubtle of lighting tools. Times have changed though, and the one that I’m sporting actually comes with the LELUTKA ‘Stella’ mesh head. I don’t see the problem with them for snaps, provided you remember to take them off before you leave your platform and mooch about in public.

I think I look like I should be chewing gum, riding a bicycle and drinking milkshakes in a 1950’s diner. Here’s your shopping list!

Kitty Wears:

SKIN: AMARA BEAUTY ‘RILEY’ CATWA applier /MAITREYA body applier in 03 Peach (no make-up options worn, kept this plain and simple)  WE ❤ ROLEPLAY  (Kitty wears this on Catwa ‘Gwen’ mesh head)

EYES: IKON ‘Sovereign’ eyes in ‘Field’


DRESS: JUST BECAUSE ‘Zoey’ tee dress in grey

HAIR: LAMB ‘Loomer’ (Variety/Ombre/Eccentric) THE ARCADE

NOSE RING: KUNST ‘Septum Keeper’ (Right)

Windlight setting: Shadows-Bright Day/Face Lamp used by LELUTKA (comes with ‘Stella’ mesh head)/Pose: MARUKIN – (Clinic) Black Eyed

MBA: Crazy For ‘Carrie’and ‘Hera’

fave place_001This, dear Kittywitchin’ readers, is my bedroom.  It’s a place you should all be pretty familiar with by now, because it serves as the backdrop for a lot of my posts.  Why wouldn’t it? I spend a LOT of time chilling out with my many cats and trying out poses and new clothes.  I also spend a lot of time snuggling Jez here, and well, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!  I genuinely love my bedroom, but since I introduced my BAZAR Glam Closets I love it just that little bit more. But of course despite all my newly found closet space, I still cannot find anything to wear..ever. However, fear no more! The latest round of MESH BODY ADDICTS BI-MONTHLY has landed and as a result, I am impossibly happy, because I get to wear awesome things like this dress and these shoes. HURRAH!gladiator_003Now, far be it for me to blow my own trumpet, but I look bloody outstanding don’t I? That is due to a number of things.  First of all, this AMAZING skin from AMARA BEAUTY (formerly ZOUL CREATIONS) that can be found at SKIN FAIR 2016. (You can read all about it in the previous post on this blog!) The skin is one that you just have to show off, and I can think of no better way to do that than by wearing this absolutely divine frock from JUST BECAUSE.  It’s called ‘Carrie’  and it’s a short and incredibly sexy wee number. I immediately fell for this because straight away you can see how well modelled the mesh is: there is creasing galore, and you would expect that because this is a silky dress, so that’s a win! But what I also like are the straps and the lacing detail at the back….gladiator_007See what I mean? Stunning isn’t it? What could make it better? Well, I can answer that actually-HUD DRIVEN HAPPINESS, THAT’S WHAT! Yus; the dress has texture change options via a HUD, and even better than that, KNICKERS! (No, I’m not being rude!) This frock is made super-special by the fact that it includes panties that are also colour change (and may also be removed, should you not require them for any reason…) I’m pretty stoked by this dress, but was struggling for footwear ideas. For some reason, I just didn’t fancy heels, nor a full-on boot. Luckily for me, ILLI stepped into the fray with their rather excellent ‘Hera’ Gladiator-style  sandals (alas, no Russell Crowe in sight!) These fit my Maitreya frame incredibly well. They’re a substantial build and when you zoom in there are spot on with their rivets and stictching and leather effect finish.  I always like it when I see elements that add authenticity to a clothing item; these have a zip at the back so win on the realism ticket for me! gladiator_002I really feel that the MESH BODY ADDICTS BI-MONTHLY is an event that’s going from strength to strength, and when coupled with all the shopping and information at the dedicated MESH BODY ADDICTS sim you really cannot be living in the dark-ages anymore.  There’s just too much quality shopping to enjoy, and I hope you can see that when I say quality I really mean it.   Do yourself a favour, click HERE and go get some seriously satisfying shopping done!


BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.5

HEAD: Lelutka ‘Stella’  1.3

SKIN: Amara Beauty ‘Beige’ Maitreya applier SKIN FAIR 2016 (Sim 2, booth 10)

HEAD APPLIER: Amara Beauty:’Kallie’ (Beige) SKIN FAIR 2016 (As above)

EYES: IKON  ‘Hope’ eyes– ‘Denim’

HAIR: Magika ‘Plenty’

TATTOO:Arise ‘Lisa’ SKIN FAIR 2016 (Sim 2, booth 45) 

SEPTUM PIERCING :Chary ‘Septum Ring’ 7 (RARE)


DRESS: Just Because ‘Carrie’ MBA EXCLUSIVE

BOOTS: Illi ‘Hera’ Gladiator Sandals MBA EXCLUSIVE

*Kitty quicky: Looking for a perfect Greek Goddess look? This dress in white, with the straps in gold + the gladiator sandals make for PERFECT Aphrodite inspired apparel!

Wicked Wednesdays: Calling all Shiny Shabby Mesh Body Addicts!


You know what I hate? Going out of my comfort zone. I’m a Kitty of singular yet simple tastes; I like to do things at my own pace without interference or annoyance. So, the idea of going away in RL (even if it’s just for one night) kinda fills me with dread. Especially when I’m going to be hundreds of miles from my own bed..URGH. I don’t sleep well in hotels, and although I’m lucky that I don’t have to travel in real life much with my job the fact is that as you’re reading this I’m going to be a long way from home, and I won’t be enjoying it that much.  So I don’t miss out on my blogging commitments though, I’ve set this post to pop up and entertain you while I’m sat with my colleagues in a room far, far away and counting down the minutes until I can start the long journey back home…

SO let’s forget about all that and concentrate on the spiffing emsemble that I’m leaving behind! This is the ‘Erika’ lingerie from JUST BECAUSE for MESH BODY ADDICTS, and it is simply glorious.  There is NOTHING that I do not like about this lingerie item.  I’m wearing my Maitreya body so of course I’m sporting the Maitreya fit, and it’s as perfect as you would expect. ‘Erika’ has lots to offer; for a start there’s great ribbon detail and contrast piping, and she looks really  authentic, with creasing and shading details across the body that contributes to the realistic feel. The cups are nice; they’re built like a full cup, yet part of them is exposed which makes for an eye-catching detail, but it doesn’t feel cheap or nasty, if you get my drift. This is underwear with class;  a ribbon sits delicately between the breasts and at the back there is clasp detailing on the straps at back that serves absolutely no purpose yet makes this utem look as though.  It’s available in an absolute cacophony of colours, but I’m especially partial to this muted plum colour.


To complement my look and take it up another level I’m wearing a pair of cracking boots from ILLI.  They’re called ‘Doutzen’ and they’re a chunky soled number, with a thin high-heel at the back. The boots have great texture to them; zooming in was fun to spot stitching and leather effects that are extremely well applied, as is the zip to the rear.  These look VERY good indeed close-up, something that always pleases me in Second Life. Of course the big selling point to these boots is the cut-out pattern; I’ll be honest in that I tend to prefer solid footwear but you know what? I really like these. They’ve been worked at, and you can tell; these haven’t been cobbled together quickly and sloppily, they fit well and I think they look really interesting too.  These ‘Doutzen’ boots, like the ‘Erika’ lingerie are available at MESH BODY ADDICTS which opens on the 20th and you really cannot miss this event if you like your mesh appendages to look their very best! (I’m only away for one night so will be back to feature LOTS more on this amazing event, and I can’t wait to share my finds with you!)

To finish is a hairstyle that I discovered at the Blogger preview of this month’s SHINY SHABBY event.  It’s going to be another corker of course, and I know you’ll enjoy it, but when I visited quite a few vendors had yet to set up.  Fortunately PEPE HAIR were already there and I’m so glad that they were because I fell in love with this ‘Bridget’ style immediately.  It’s a simple double ponytail: nothing too fancy at all but it’s one of those styles that just works, you know? I think it’s going to prove a very versatile addition to my virtual hairstyle collection too, and I’ll get a lot of wear out of this because there are six different ‘Dark Brunette’ shades in the pack.

Last but not least, still wearing and loving ‘Becca’ from ZOUL CREATIONS. This time I’ve plumped for the Smoky Brown eyeshadow and nude lip.  I’ve kept jewellery to a minimum as well, just this dinky wee septum piercing from the ever-amazing MONS to finish off my look that I hope you enjoy as much as I do! (And I do, believe me.  As I write this blogpost I’m dancing around in my skybox with nothing but a bunch of virtual kittens for company-this is the life eh?)

Kitty Wears:

BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

HAIRBASE: Gaja x Celebribase – Fran (Tintable)

SKIN: Zoul Creations ‘Becca’ SK1  Dk Brows chB ( Smoky Brown 02 eyeshadow, Nude 2 lip)

EYES: IKON  Ardent Eyes – Pewter (ML)

LASHES: Hush ‘Flirt’

EARS: Mandala ‘Steking’ Series 5 (you can’t see them; trust me they’re there!)

LINGERIE: Just Because ‘Erika’ Lingerie MESH BODY ADDICTS EVENT *

HAIRSTYLE: Pepe Hair ‘Bridget’ Dark Brunettes (worn with hair band in black) SHINY SHABBY *


*At the time of writing this blog entry Shiny Shabby and Mesh Body Addicts events hadn’t opened so I couldn’t publish the LM’s, sorry! Please check on their respective blogs, which I have provided links for. Sorry for inconvenience caused!



I was determined to tidy up my skybox this weekend.  By tidy I mean put away some random things with the goal of freeing up prims for the onset of THE ARCADE. TL;DR didn’t happen; instead I ended up playing around with make-up and lip appliers and dancing around with my virtual cats and basically doing anything but the tasks I’d set myself.  So at the end of it all the skybox still looks like a pigsty, there’s still a cat sat in the sink and stuff everywhere BUT I look fabulous.

And by fabulous I do mean absolutely yummy in an exciting and windsept and interesting manner. I’m still wearing my FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY GLAM AFFAIR skin from a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve added some eyeshadow from it that I picked up at THE VINTAGE & COOL FAIR from LA BOHEME.  I wrote a few posts back about how impressed I was with this brand and that still stands..  I also rummaged around in my inventory for a lip applier that would set off the eyeshadow and found this little belter from a collection of pinks that I had in my inventory by ADORED BODYSHOP. Add some IKON eyes into the mix, along with my fave JUST MAGNETISED brows and you’re almost ready…

I say almost because hair is obviously the next logical step, and I thought I’d give my virtual roots a break after the dizzy heights of the VANITY HAIR updos that I’ve been sporting recently.  So I went simple and picked up this dandy ‘Torniquet’ hairstyle from MOON.  This was their FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY offering this week and it just goes to show that you should never dismiss FLF for throwing up cracking items.  Some weeks it can be a little hit and miss, but never forget to check it out just in case you miss something that you’ll spend your weekend kicking yourself over.  (I speak from experience, I’ve done it many times so I now have a reminder in my phone to tell me to check out FLF, it helps!)

To finish I added a FOXES jumper (that was their contribution to August’s MIX event) and a skirt from JUST BECAUSE, a group gift that is rather smashing indeed!

And then I sat on the floor and played with my cats.  It’s a hard virtual life…

Queen Of The Cats

Kitty Wears:

BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

SKIN: Glam Affair ‘Katra’ (Polar) August NB

EYEBROWS: Just Magnetized – Diva Brows – Brunette02

EYES: IKON  ‘Vanity Eyes’ Denim

LASHES: Hush ‘Flirt’

LIPS: PXL Sweet Lips

EYELINER: La Boheme Glamour Eyes ‘Hecate’ S4 -8  – VINTAGE & COOL FAIR

LIPSTICK:   Adored ‘Desire Lips-Back To The Fuchsia’

EARS: Mandala ‘Steking’ Series 5 (Pixie)

HAIR: Moon ‘Tourniquet’ -Noir

TATTOO: Reckless ‘Joon II’


TOP: Foxes Sweater – Light Graphics (Maitreya Fit)

SKIRT: Just Because: Denim Lace Skirt – Pink (Group Gift-Maitreya Fit)

SHOES: Reign – Adley Wedges (Violet)

POSES: (Top Picture) AMITIE-Summer 03 (Second Pic) STATUS -Godiva Long Drape 

Windlight Used: CANIMOD