Get your shopping glad rags on gang- it’s MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR 2017 time!

The Fair will run from 1 August to 21 August inclusive, so that’s 21 days of mesh shopping happiness!  Can you believe it’s in its third year already? I know right!?!

The Fair is focused on mesh bodies, mesh heads, bento mesh items and associated fashion and accessories – with a particular focus on fitmesh fashion.

All items sold at the Fair are Mesh Body and/or Mesh Head compatible/relevant. These may include (but are not limited to):

  • Mesh Bodies
  • Mesh Heads
  • Bento Mesh attachments
  • Fitmesh for Mesh Bodies (fitmesh MUST include a fitmesh size for at least one mesh body in the contents and must be a fitmesh item, not a standard size mesh item).
  • Mesh Head/Mesh Body skins (provided appliers are available)
  • Applier fashion for Mesh Bodies
  • Accessories for Mesh Bodies and/or heads (eg. Piercings rigged to a mesh body/head, rings fitted to mesh hands, make up for mesh heads, tattoos with appliers and the like).
  • Hair (note – must be fitted for at least one mesh head or mesh body)
  • Shoes fitted to mesh body feet.
  • Mesh Body additions (ears/bellies/nipples/other body parts)
  • Bento animations

I’ve had a quick look around and I’m pleased to present a short video that I made as I explored! Here’s a sneak peek!

MBA brings back the heat!

MBA brings back the heat!

MBA Brings it back

It’s a SCORCHING round of MBA this month! An absolute banquet on a stick of fab fashions and first up is this glorious NARCISSE ‘Charlie’ bodysuit.  It’s plain and simple, just like me, but don’t be fooled; the fat-pack features colour options and ability to change individual elements, such as the contrast neck ribbon, which make a real, stylish difference.  I’ve teamed it with these epic SLACKGIRL ‘Sinal’ stiletto nails, that feature a bang on-trend chevron motif. They come with a HUD with enough colour options to see you through the summer!

To complete my look I’m wearing the TRUTH GROUP GIFT for May. This style, ‘Kare’,  gives me a real 80’s feel; it’s a mid-length, shaggy bob and comes complete with multi-styling options so you can get the perfect look. Even better than that are the colour HUDs.  The new textures are astonishing! Truth is making some epic changes gang, and they’re for our benefit! (VIP Sale extended until 16th, click HERE!)

I spied some cracking Bento poses on the Marketplace, so I went to check them out in-world, and I really recommend that you do the same.  They’re from REVE OBSCURA You’ll find a good selection of male and female poses for L$50 a pop and the one I’m using here is called ‘Rawr!’  I look forward to seeing many more Bento poses here!

The rest of my look features the ‘Queen’ lip and eye palette from PINK FUEL for last month’s POWDER PACK. I was complimented on it today whilst I was busily building in a sandbox, and I’m not surprised, every single one of Mochi’s contributions thus far has been outstanding, and I can’t see what she has in store for us this month. I’m also *still* wearing my AMARA BEAUTY ‘Justine’ skin as my base. It’s just perfection and I’m wearing it in a much deeper tone than I normally would because, hey, you know, summer right? (Plus, it’s such a beautiful colour!) Last but not least are my KIBITZ Jelly Bracelets from last month’s BISHBOX.

MBA: Pink Pearl Designs rock Kitty’s body!

MBA: Pink Pearl Designs rock Kitty’s body!

zoya 2_002

Cooee!  Just another Kitty quickie from this month’s MESH BODY ADDICTS event; this time my video is all about the ‘Rock Your Body’ ensemble from PINK PEARL DESIGNS.  It’s really rather lovely, as I hope the video proves! Click HERE to visit the event!

MBA – A Quick Video Preview

MBA – A Quick Video Preview

I feel a wee bit deflated.

I’ve not been in Second Life for just over a week; it’s been a self-enforced exile for an exam that I’ve taken today.  It was a tough, five-day course and I’ve done so much reading that my brain hasn’t stopped buzzing yet.  It’s not just bee this week either; my night shifts have been filled with courses and swotting up of the kind that I haven’t done in twenty-five years.

I did well in tests and mocks up until this afternoon when it was crunch time.  Guys, it was hard. I honestly don’t know if I passed.  To make matters worse, there are just 8 questions. The best answer scores 5 points, second best 3 points, then 1, then 0. You must score 28/40 to pass, that’s 70%.

I came home after the exam feeling a little like I’d developed a thousand-yard stare. Then I had a nap, woke up and ate some Chinese food and logged in-world, and did what any sensible person would do, I went shopping.  There’s so much to enjoy in-world that I was pissed I’d missed out last week, especially when you consider that it’s SKIN FAIR 2017 time already! I just hope my missing the start has been worth it, I’ll know in about four or five days’ time…

Anyway, I’ve found some lovely things at MESH BODY ADDICTS to tell you about, starting with this corking ensemble from HUCCI. I’ve done a quick video and I’ll post some more highlights over the weekend.  I’m also wearing the latest group gift hair from TRUTH; this is ‘Zoya’.  It’s an absolutely cracking hairstyle and he’s given away some belters for Group Gifts in recent months.  He’s also giving away a L$150 store credit to VIP Members to celebrate hitting 12k group members…Yowsers!