Sunday Sublime

Sunday Sublime


A sublime Sunday indeed, especially because of the AMARA BEAUTY ‘Amelia’ skin that I am wearing in this snap. It’s beautiful, and I love it.  This is the first skin I’ve tried of hers that features an optional freckles layer, that is accessible via the HUD.  I very rarely bother with freckles or moles in Second Life ( I figure I have plenty in my real one) but I may have to keep these on because they’re so neat.

Shantia is REALLY making fantastic HUDS for her skins; this one features an absolute plethora of lip colours, along with some very pretty eyeshadows and all the brow options INCLUDING the ability to tint them yourself.  Oh yes, and there’s the freckle layer I mentioned before too.

Oh, another thing, this applier is for CATWA (hence my wearing it) BUT it’s for the ‘Candy’ head, which I don’t have.  I took a gamble therefore and used it on my ‘Gwen’ head, and I think the results speak for themselves! I’m not wearing any make-up, just the base layer skin with dark brows in ‘Beige’ tone.  Shantia always makes great brows and these frame the face  perfectly, but there is a no brow option should you fancy something different. (If you check out my previous blog post you’ll see I’m wearing the same skin but with different brows; it looks very effective and just as good, but in a stronger, more defined way.)

Amelia is available at the AMARA BEAUTY mainstore.  Here’s your taxi!

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