..and I’ve called this one ‘Smokin’ because it’s a tad less in your face…Well, apart from the fact you can see my nips!

Anyway, imagine this hairstyle with an outfit from Ivalde;perfect for a 1940’s look don’t you think? Yet it’s versatile enough to work with this less refined outfit too (Well, not really an outfit to be fair, more of a bit of net with some armholes in it. I’ll catch my death!)

The colours in the pack are called ‘Butterfinger’ for the blonde, and ‘Ugly Red Lipstick’ for the red, obviously. I’m wearing both with the bang fringe options. I think you should indulge…

Click HERE to go to Lamb in Tableau


A VERY quick post from me as I’m off to the hospital in Real Life, which is nice. Not.

Lamb, in Tableau, has released some new hair this week as part of the ‘Stumblebum Brigade’ promotion, and I must confess to being very enamoured with it indeed. It reminds me of Veronica Lake, and makes me want to channel my inner ‘Hollywood Harlot’. The style comes in a pack with two colours ( Brown and Red) and two sets of ‘bangs’ (Stupid bloody word-it’s a fringe!) for just L$125.

Both look equally fetching and I decided to take photos in both colours for your perusal. I’ve called this photo Scorchin’, because it’s a bit on the hot side…