FAMESHED: Bugger it, I’m off to the Pub..

ImageFAMESHED has hit the grid in a new year’s frenzy of fabulous fashion and striking furnishings and accessories. There is a great selection of items to lust after, including some stunning VALENTINA E fashions and the fantastic ‘Starry Starry Night Bangles’ from MAXI GOSSAMER, but my big favourites this month aren’t wearables.

First up we have TROMPE LOEIL (or Trumpy LOL in kitty-speak) raising the bar (geddit?) with the absolutely stunning ‘The Dragon And Orchid Home Pub’, and now that this exists I simply won’t tolerate shitty bars anymore, so can we get rid of them please? Sure, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting some beauties, but they’re few and far-between. Sadly, Second Life bars tend towards a textured backdrop (usually an appalling out-of-focus photograph of bottles and beers) and a simple rectangular bar. Bonus points if it’s textured in the crappiest woodgrain ever…urgh. Well no more! Begone to the depths of hell with your sticky bars and even stickier carpets!

ImageCast your eyes over this beauty. This, my friends, is ‘The Dragon And Orchid Home Pub’ and it’s probably one of the nicest places you’ll find on the grid where you can eat your dry-roasted peanuts and indulge in a lovely pint or two in absolute comfort.

It’s available in three glorious shades; Amaretto, Dark (with Adult animations) and Redwood. Each one of the wood textures is gorgeous and incredibly expensive looking, but it’s the build that really tells the tale. It really does evoke a proper bar, with a perfect shape and enhanced by beams and beading with ample room for leaning and chatting up the barmaid of an evening. You’ll also receive a beer pump and there is ample storage space behind the bar so that you can accessorise and decorate to truly make this bar your own.

To make this even more special there are a selection of stained glass window sets to choose from so that you can choose the most fitting design for your space. But that’s not all; Cory and Makaio have of course proved time and time again that thoughtful design is their modus operandi and this is demonstrated by their including a template enabling you to craft your own stained glass inserts for your bar. What a great touch!

There are 24 animated poses to enjoy too (plus ten Adult poses in the A-rated version) and there are eleven more poses in the included bar stools meaning you can have lots of fun drinking and getting up to all sorts of pub-style shenanigans. There are a number of particularly amusing poses that hint at your being ever-so-slightly drunk; my own personal favourite being ‘Numb’ (alas, I’ve been there too many times!) but the stool-poses are just as worthwhile. (I really like ‘Observe’, for those moments when you’re happy to people-watch by the bar.) Of course, all these poses make this a great environment for taking photos with friends, and this is a build that really does have a great ambience to it. Add a Juke Box, a dartboard and you’ve got your very own home pub and will be the envy of all your buddies!  It’s a corking investment and worthy of belonging in every home on the grid-go and get one!

As for me? I’m the one with the funny expression leaning in an awkward manner against a bar-stool. The room’s spinning a wee bit. No, I’m OK..don’t move. No, I’ll be fine. Yes, actually  a bucket might be a good idea…

The Dragon & Orchid Home Pub is exclusive to FAMESHED January 2014 and available in these options: 

  • Standard (Amaretto & Redwood) includes 24 animated poses.  Stool has 11 poses. 4 standard stained glass window sets included via menu plus template for your own glass inserts. Unscripted props such as bottles also included. Mesh.  Materials enabled. L$550.
  • Adult (Dark ‘A’) as above but also includes an additional 10 animated adult poses. L$1100

Click HERE to visit the Trompe Loeil blog for more details and click HERE to see it in action at FAMESHED

(I’ll blog more Fameshed goodness later this week!)

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