Kitty In The Kitchy!

Kitty In The Kitchy!

Kitty in the kitchy

I wanted to take a step away from blogging about skins (I’ve written so much about skins recently that I have developed a twitch), but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to tell you about. As I mooched around my skybox thinking of a blog post to write, it suddenly struck me; let me share some details about my virtual home.  I love reading LOVE TO DECORATE so why not share my Kitty-space with my readers?

I’m going to share posts with you about my Skybox over the forthcoming few days.  I’ll tell you how it’s decorated and hopefully show you why I love it so. I’ve lived many different places,  but I always keep this skybox as my super-secret ‘Kitty Lair’. I’ve owned it for a number of years now and the place where it’s ‘moored’ is cheap for rent and out of the way up high in the clouds so that I am nice and secluded and never bothered by neighbours. I’ve lived on the ground until recently too, but I always come back to my skybox because it feels like home. The way this space is decorated and displayed is probably the most authentic representation of my real-life self within the virtual world that is my second home. I absolutely adore it.

The build itself is a BARNESWORTH ANUBIS creation, called ‘NYC Apartment Skybox’. It costs a cheap-as-chips L$400 ion the marketplace, and has a lovely low land-impact of just 30.  It’s incredibly roomy and open-plan which makes for lots of fun when decorating. I have loads of skyboxes in my inventory but this one suits me perfectly, and I always come back to it. My only wish would be for perhaps an extra couple of rooms (or even a second level) but that’s not something that I am in desperate need of, just a dream that I file under ‘Nice-to-have’. Like all Barnesworth’s builds,  it’s beautifully textured and the details are absolutely perfect. Oh, and because it’s a New York City apartment the view out of the windows is of the great city itself a place I will visit one day, but for now my skybox will have to suffice.

As you walk in the first thing you see is a large space with a kitchen clearly visible. Which is funny because the big tiled space is actually designated as a bathroom BUT for me it screamed out for a glorious kitchen and some suitably fancy decoration, which is just what I added. I have TWO favourite kitchens in Second Life. They are the BAZAR ‘Toronto Kitchen’ because of the modular options and ability to adapt it to many different designs, and this TROMPE LOEIL  ‘Retro’ number.  I’ve never had any issues fitting and adapting this to suit my needs. It’s absolutely perfect with a 1950’s feel and the animations that are incorporated make for some great photo opportunities.

Obviously, my thing is cats both in RL and SL. That’s no different in my skybox either, and as soon as you enter you’re surrounded by cats of every shape and size; some decorative, others who live with me. The kitchen space is no different, in fact,  I used the TROMPE LOEIL kitchen cabinets to house my precious SCHADENFREUDE Chibi Cats collection. There are also four FASHIONABLY DEAD cats mooching around in the space, but that’s because I keep my HALF DEER litter tray and food bowls here too.
The window above my kitchen cabinets lets in much-needed light to illuminate the area but is also the ideal spot to grow a few culinary herbs too! This is where my ORGANICA’Hanging Bamboo Herb Planter’ really comes into its own. At night,  the kitchen is illuminated by my ‘Addison’ chandeliers in Red by MUDHONEY. I love the shape and simplicity of these, and rather than just having one I decided to be super decadent and have four in my kitchen. Their colour brings the fiery red elements of the kitchen together perfectly and blends beautifully with my ‘Gerzzo’ chairs and table from THE LOFT which extend the retro vibe.

In the Kitchen

I decorate my kitchen according to the season; sometimes I have pots of warming soup boiling on the stove, or enormous pizzas bursting out of the box ready to be devoured. I use gacha prizes to decorate and bring the kitchen to life, and I’m rocking a pile of dirty dishes from HODGEPODGE next to my sink. My favourite Vice Jars from COMMONER have pride of place next to a brilliant animated BITTER VANILLA cutting board, which has a number of fruits, vegetables and breads available for selection. You’ll also spy a few items from NYLON PINKNEY (‘Sleepy Cat Pot’ in Red and CopyCat Art ‘Feed Me’ poster) along with a fabulous Industrial Baker’s Rack from SECOND SPACES that I’ve added a few pieces to. I have a great ‘Kitchen Element Sign’ in Red from CASITA opposite the most important part of the kitchen; the place where I make my frequent cups of tea and indulge in my favourite snack of hot, buttered toast. I love my ‘Gerzzo’ kettle (another THE LOFT creation)  and my TARTESSOS ARTS animated toaster which pops the toast out in a violent manner similar to the till in ‘Open All Hours’ (British comedy, utterly brilliant). My favourite thing in this corner has to be my LARK ‘Teafor2’ embroidery though; it’s just so perfectly done and looks so sweet in the corner.

I serve my tea from a BEACH STREET Tardis tea-pot into NOODLES Doctor Who style mugs, gazing over at my wall art. It’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ from IONIC, a very old acquisition which I retextured to fit in with the theme of my kitchen, and it just works perfectly.

Last but not least my virtual day is accompanied by a soundtrack of tunes belting out from my SOY Vintage Boom Box, stowed away in the corner out of harm’s way ( I got fed up of the cats jumping up and knocking it flying!) So there you have it, my virtual kitchen. It’s the centre of my home and I absolutely love it, so if you’ll excuse me I have a pile of dirty dishes to wash, kitties to feed and brews to be made. Fancy a cuppa?

Why not share the details of your Second Life home or specific rooms that you love?  I’ll feature the rest of my home over the forthcoming days..stay tuned!

FAMESHED: Bugger it, I’m off to the Pub..

FAMESHED: Bugger it, I’m off to the Pub..

ImageFAMESHED has hit the grid in a new year’s frenzy of fabulous fashion and striking furnishings and accessories. There is a great selection of items to lust after, including some stunning VALENTINA E fashions and the fantastic ‘Starry Starry Night Bangles’ from MAXI GOSSAMER, but my big favourites this month aren’t wearables.

First up we have TROMPE LOEIL (or Trumpy LOL in kitty-speak) raising the bar (geddit?) with the absolutely stunning ‘The Dragon And Orchid Home Pub’, and now that this exists I simply won’t tolerate shitty bars anymore, so can we get rid of them please? Sure, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting some beauties, but they’re few and far-between. Sadly, Second Life bars tend towards a textured backdrop (usually an appalling out-of-focus photograph of bottles and beers) and a simple rectangular bar. Bonus points if it’s textured in the crappiest woodgrain ever…urgh. Well no more! Begone to the depths of hell with your sticky bars and even stickier carpets!

ImageCast your eyes over this beauty. This, my friends, is ‘The Dragon And Orchid Home Pub’ and it’s probably one of the nicest places you’ll find on the grid where you can eat your dry-roasted peanuts and indulge in a lovely pint or two in absolute comfort.

It’s available in three glorious shades; Amaretto, Dark (with Adult animations) and Redwood. Each one of the wood textures is gorgeous and incredibly expensive looking, but it’s the build that really tells the tale. It really does evoke a proper bar, with a perfect shape and enhanced by beams and beading with ample room for leaning and chatting up the barmaid of an evening. You’ll also receive a beer pump and there is ample storage space behind the bar so that you can accessorise and decorate to truly make this bar your own.

To make this even more special there are a selection of stained glass window sets to choose from so that you can choose the most fitting design for your space. But that’s not all; Cory and Makaio have of course proved time and time again that thoughtful design is their modus operandi and this is demonstrated by their including a template enabling you to craft your own stained glass inserts for your bar. What a great touch!

There are 24 animated poses to enjoy too (plus ten Adult poses in the A-rated version) and there are eleven more poses in the included bar stools meaning you can have lots of fun drinking and getting up to all sorts of pub-style shenanigans. There are a number of particularly amusing poses that hint at your being ever-so-slightly drunk; my own personal favourite being ‘Numb’ (alas, I’ve been there too many times!) but the stool-poses are just as worthwhile. (I really like ‘Observe’, for those moments when you’re happy to people-watch by the bar.) Of course, all these poses make this a great environment for taking photos with friends, and this is a build that really does have a great ambience to it. Add a Juke Box, a dartboard and you’ve got your very own home pub and will be the envy of all your buddies!  It’s a corking investment and worthy of belonging in every home on the grid-go and get one!

As for me? I’m the one with the funny expression leaning in an awkward manner against a bar-stool. The room’s spinning a wee bit. No, I’m OK..don’t move. No, I’ll be fine. Yes, actually  a bucket might be a good idea…

The Dragon & Orchid Home Pub is exclusive to FAMESHED January 2014 and available in these options: 

  • Standard (Amaretto & Redwood) includes 24 animated poses.  Stool has 11 poses. 4 standard stained glass window sets included via menu plus template for your own glass inserts. Unscripted props such as bottles also included. Mesh.  Materials enabled. L$550.
  • Adult (Dark ‘A’) as above but also includes an additional 10 animated adult poses. L$1100

Click HERE to visit the Trompe Loeil blog for more details and click HERE to see it in action at FAMESHED

(I’ll blog more Fameshed goodness later this week!)


Kitty Loves A Trumpy Lol! (The Ashdon Collection From Trompe Loeil)

Like the leaves falling from the trees and blowing in the wind, autumn brings in the changes.

For me they’ve included losing a dear Second Life friend, moving my virtual home and deciding to completely change the styling of my living room.  Obviously some of these actions were less stressful than others!


Autumn has always been my season, so when I visited FAMESHED and spied the outstanding Trompe Loeil (or Trumpy Lol as I call it, surely I’m not the only one?) Ashdon Collection of sofa, chairs and decorations I KNEW  what I wanted to update the appearance of my living room with.

This exemplary collection includes sofa, chair, coffee table, screen, basket of cushions, pictures and wall-lights and it is bursting at the materials-enabled seams with fantastic styling options.  The sofa and chair include three models each: plain, with a pillow, and with a draped blanket and the textures are simply divine, with 18 fabric, 18 blanket and 25 pillow textures for you to play with. (This of course means you can extend the life of your furniture into all the seasons, because there are plenty of  colour-combos to suit. )  It’s available in PG and Adult versions with  lots of animations for both singles and couples to enjoy.  All of the items co-ordinate perfectly to make furnishing your living-room a virtual doddle.

The sofa and chair are generously proportioned yet simply shaped to look comfortable and inviting. How I want to lay on this sofa and snuggle under the blanket with its chunky knit’s so inviting!   The coffee table, wall-prints featuring various foliage and antler lamps are all carefully fashioned with simple yet totally effective embellishments meaning that you can create a cozy yet on-trend look in your living room.  For example, classic prints can seem drab and dreary, yet when they’re teamed with bright, bold frame colours they’re brought bang into the 21st century.  I purchased everything except the antlers (unlike most people in Second Life, I don’t do antlers!) and I could not be happier with how beautiful everything looks. 

I  teamed my Ashdon Collection items with the Apple Fall cabinets from The Arcade, some rugs from Zigana, and some other accessories I found in my ever-increasing inventory. Everything works perfectly together and creates a cozy, warm vibe perfect for chillaxing at home.  If you want further information, including pricing, check out Cory’s blog for more details.

ImageI really cannot rate this collection any higher, it’s just perfect and looks fabulous in my virtual home.

In fact,  I think you should zoom over to FAMESHED right now to check it out! HERE’S YOUR TAXI!