SLGO? No, no, NO!

There’s nothing worse than getting all excited about something new and innovative related to Second Life, and then getting all disappointed by it, but that’s just how I feel after the announcement of Onlive’s SL Client for tablets.

It promises so much, I mean how can you NOT be taken in by this advert?

At the moment it’s only available on Android, but there’s no doubt it looks good, and I for one would be incredibly happy about being able to log into SL on my tablet. The interface looks great too:

Draxtor  has already written about this and filmed his experiences:

The ever-gorgeous Strawberry Singh has also been playing with the interface.  and Jo Yardley has written about the release on her excellent blog too. So what’s not to love?

Well, £2 an HOUR for a start. I mean COME ON!  The pricing model is nothing short of delinquent. When you sign up you get a free twenty minute trial, but after that you have to pay. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve no problem with paying for something but this is a very short-sighted pricing model in my opinion:

UK Pricing ( I’m using this because I’m UK based, obviously)

  • FREE 20 Minute Trial – £0.00
  • 1 Hour – £2.00
  • 3 Hours (10% off) – £5.40
  • 10 Hours (15% off) – £17.00

You can read more about costs and other details by visiting the ONLIVE SLGO website here. Whilst I appreciate that profit needs to be made, I think this pricing model is incredibly backwards, and as a consequence I don’t think this application will be as successful as it should be which is a shame, because it looks incredibly good. There’s been an outcry on Plurk and SLU  about this and I can’t say I’m surprised in the slightest. I wonder how much market research was conducted in-world before this was launched?  I’m pretty sure most residents would have made it very clear that this pricing model is completely nutty.

In my opinion it would be far more enticing to have this included as part of the premium membership package. I think if that was the approach that was taken it would potentially increase premium memberships a great deal, and after all that’s something that Second Life is always going to need to remain profitable and thrive. I realise that this isn’t a Linden Lab product BUT the profits could have been split from the sign-ups, surely? Even if that’s not possible then a monthly fee, provided it’s reasonable, is still a more attractive deal.

As it stands I won’t be rushing to sign up for this service unless such pricing changes are made. Besides, LUMIYA is perfectly awesome on Android  and that’s available for a one-off fee of just £1.80.

We should congratulate ONLIVE for launching something that’s been longed for by all serious SLers for a very long time; but come on, let’s have a rethink and develop a more practical approach to pricing the product. If they do, I’m sure it will stand a chance at becoming very successful indeed.

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