What’s Your Morning Routine?

What’s Your Morning Routine?


In RL mine is usually waking up bleary-eyed, stumbling into the shower and then staggering downstairs, only becoming even remotely human once I’ve had my first cup of tea of the morning. In SL of course i’m a lot more graceful; delicately sliding out of bed in a radiant fashion before beginning my virtual day.  And it’s just got even better too, courtesy of Sienia Trevellion’s ‘Morning Routine’ set for this month’s COLLABOR88. She’s thoughtfully included a number of nifty pieces that help keep your virtual life a little more organised, each one finished in her distinctive style.

There’s an entryway table (1LI) Phone Caddy (5LI) Coin Valet (1 LI) and Keychain (1LI). As you would expect each one is finely detailed and really looks the part. I’m especially enamoured with the Phone Caddy.  It looks so effective, and really handy too. I want one in real life! Also the umbrella, key dangling from the hook and the spectacle case are perfectly finished, as is everything that Sienia creates. The key-chain and coins are perfect too, and it really looks the part in my Skybox, as I hope you can see from the picture. I added a few winnings from THE ARCADE, as well as some old favourites to create an entryway that’s a real welcome home.

Upgrade your morning routine by visiting C88 and purchasing one of these really fab sets right now;  choose from Blue, Grey, White, Black or Red colourways. Here’s your taxi to C88! 

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