More Skin Fair goodness to share with you. Addy Silvercloud was again another creator that  I wasn’t familiar with before the event, but her brand  ‘The Addy Style’, will be one that I will follow with interest going forward because I’m incredibly impressed by this skin, called Emanuelle. Despite the name there’s nothing 1970’s or even remotely sleazy about it (unless you decide to style it that way!)

Instead, you’ll discover a very accomplished, polished skin that hints at youth and vibrancy and features great colour, both in the tone of the skin and the make-ups in the range.  If there was a word I would use to sum up this skin, it would be adaptable, in the very best Catwoman-sense of the word, because it lends itself to both classy, polished looks and the more relaxed style I’ve used for the pictures with utmost ease.


I particularly love the bold, glossy lips on this one. The face is extremely lovely, as you can see from these shots, and finished really well. The features upon ‘Emanuelle’ are neatly highlighted , and the colour upon the eyelid, especially in this particular version (make-up #2) really do their job well, adding style and definition.  This is a skin that oozes panache; it’s easy to dress up or down, and I chose to team it with some new releases from FAMESHED (R.O. Cat A Clysm headphones and Tableau Vivant ‘Valentin’ hair) to create a spunky, modern look. I’m going to comment on the brows again, which seems to have become a recurring theme for me, but these are really well drawn and look very natural. They fitted my facial features beautifully, but as I said before  it’s the lips that really are the icing on the cake for me. They’re a sensation to be sure, the epitome of Clara Bow. I just love them.
If you like to get naked then let me tell you that you won’t be disappointed by Emanuelle (to be fair you wouldn’t expect to be in a skin with that name now would you?) She looks good in the buff, but then again, so do the other skins from THE ADDY STYLE that I tested.

addy style_005

The gorgeous bronze-toned beauty you see before you, retiring to her bed, is ‘Kaleya’. This was another  exclusive  at SKIN FAIR 2014 and  it features all the quality touches that you’ll find on Emanuelle. Again, she has fabulous lips, but the eye make-ups are also a real treat across the range, although I’m actually sporting the ‘Natural’ option in the un-touched picture above. I just think the hue of her skin is sublime, don’t you?

If you want to check out more of Addy’s quality skins be sure to check out her marketplace store, and also click HERE to visit her store and discover these two delectable skins in-world, you’ll be absolutely enchanted by them, I promise! 

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