I’m still blogging skins from SKIN FAIR 2014 even after the event (I’m not the only one though, eh Willis?) My blogging schedule is very much built around RL commitments (RL ALWAYS comes first) and this week has been an interesting one, to say the least. Anyway, the skins I’m yet to blog are still available, but instead of being at the fair they’ll be available at main stores and are of course all worth checking out!

BOOBIELICIOUS is not a skin-label familiar to me at all. The name makes me think of Lolas Tangos  and even though I have some that I wear on occasion I’m not a fully signed up member of all things boobie-lover in world, but I do think they can look ruddy awesome, so I admit I was a little apprehensive opening the skin package that Quakestore kindly sent me, but I really shouldn’t have been because this is a fantastic skin production.

In fact, this is an exceptionally lovely skin all round. It’s called ‘RYKA’, and  I’m wearing it in the Maple tone, and I have to say it’s probably my overall favourite skin tone from the entire fair. It is a glorious colour; not quite a deep caramel and not too pale, but a lovely blended shade that looks healthy and really delicious! I feel like shouting “LICK ME! although I’d better not because I might get thrown out of rather a lot of places..ahem.

I’ve no complaints about this skin at all. It’s an absolute joy to wear, and the creator, Quakestore, has catered to every whim by providing  an absolute plethora of options. You can of course find every applier under the sun for this one too: bum, boobs, belly and hands and feet, and the make-ups are extremely neat; with definition where it counts. There are a number of eyeshadow options that are well worth checking out.  When wearing this skin I found the brows to be a bit straighter than my normal choice, but there’s real strength to them. They wear really well, and the blush is a wash of colour across the cheek giving a sporty, flushed feel rather than a high-end fashionista stripe across the bone, and it works beautifully.

There’s a lovely eyeliner option but I actually found that I really enjoyed wearing this one in it’s purest form, with a slick of lipstick. I do like the lip colours available for this one too, including a great black for grunging it up! The lips are a lovely shape and well-coloured and I even found myself sporting the teeth layer to great effect.  I’ve styled myself as a blonde for this one, and you know I really do think there’s a hint of the Kate Upton‘s here, can you see it?


Incidentally the images haven’t been enhanced in anyway so you can see just how glorious this skin truly is. This Maple shade really does have ‘it’ doesn’t it? Gorgeous!

 If you’re tempted, and trust me on this, you really should be, then CLICK HERE to visit the Boobielicious Mainstore. (I did a quick visit and noted that the skin wasn’t in store yet, but you can fest your eyes on the other lovely skins and clothes while you wait)

Skin by Boobielicious:  Ryka Skin_Pushup_Maple_Pure  /Lipstick: Ryka Lipstick in Red (also wearing teeth layer)


  1. Not obtuse at all, a very valid question! I think they’re very nice indeed; a nice shape and their colour worked really well against the maple tone of skin that I chose. As with all skins, DEMO and then you can get a look and make sure they’re what you’re after:)


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